Dec 312012

A brand new multiplayer sex game that is part of the Sex Game Devil suite of porn games for computer. Design your apartment and character and then look at the list of who’s online to interact with. Invite someone you think is nice to your place and chat them into virtual fucking on the couch or bed. The game is still considered beta, but is fully playable, and no bugs that I encountered. However it is limited to only a few positions and activities at press time. There was no one else online, but there is always a female bot that you can invite over and put your dick inside without so much as a hello. Once the game gets more populated and more feature rich, it sounds like a swell time. Hopefully some actual females will sign up.

More info on 3DXChat here.
   Memberships offered as 1 month | 6 months | 12 months (best deal)

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  1. very good!

  2. The game is very good, the community is also quite alright it’s just the management that is questionable. The developers have in their infinite wisdom decided to make the players that are most hateful and unforgiving to public sex the job of moderator. Watch out for Bran and her male friends. The few months I have been there I have witnessed her bullying and publicly humiliating players for doing what the game is meant for… have sex and fun in public places. If she doesn’t like you there is no place to run and she will make your life a living hell. That was before she became a moderator, now it’s even worse because she “acts” all nice and friendly but after seeing her do her thing for many months now it’s kinda hard to think she has changed… Slapping warnings around like candy for even misplacing a comma in a sentence.

    Too bad because the game is actually pretty nice but be sure to stay on Bran her good side and you might be alright.

    • I did not participate in this community myself. However I just took a peek at the 3DXchat forums and noticed that the moderators have been released of their duties, particularly the ones you named, and a ‘Report Abuse’ option has been implemented.

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