Jul 062014

Neighborhood of Love and HateThe next game in the works from AGR Games is called Neighborhood of Love and Hate. There are a handful of stats you choose at the beginning of the game that may or may not allow certain paths through the game. There is a basic inventory plus cash. The game is open ended and the five locations can be explored in any order (the mansion will be available as a separate game later on.), and some situations can be solved in multiple ways. There are eight girls to hook up with, including several characters from previous games and movies.  I still have one more house to finish up, and technical fixes, beta testing, and preparation for release. Which will be when it’s finished.

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May 302014

High Stakes Blackjack with Jessenia |

Play traditional blackjack in a non traditional setting in High Stakes Blackjack with Jessenia. Here you play against the well endowed Jessenia, a 3D rendered vixen created by artist Gazukull. Losing doesn’t just mean you’re out of cash and don’t get to see the goods; it also means certain death. You see, Jessenia doesn’t just have huge tits, she’s also a vampire. I think. But if you make smart bets and know when to hit, you can progress through images of her stripping. You may need some patience here; she starts with jewelry. However if you’re impatient, there’s an easy to find cheat to get to the cash and prizes.

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May 272014

Here are two recent VirtualFem additions, ready to suck you, fuck you, and maybe even let you watch them eat dinner. Now that’s hot. Typing what you want them to do, or using a microphone to speak your commands if you’re so inclined, will occasionally produce the results you want. Sometimes they will change their outfit and give you a strip show, but mostly your go to phrases involve putting your dizzle in all her hizoles. Although putting it that way won’t get you anywhere. You know what to say; the stuff you want to say to your girlfriend or wife or blow up doll using as few syllables as possible and then having the action happen immediately. Now why don’t you just go ahead and get VirtualFem here. See screenshots below of Aaralyn Barra followed by Crissy Cums.

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Mar 272014

Monika Pays OffConvince Monika that she owes you something and then she will have no choice but to make you happy in this free flash sex game from AGR Games. Once Monika pays off she will be ready to take things even further with another girl, if you play your cards right.

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Mar 182014

Since my original posting on 3DXChat being released at the end of 2012, the folks at Sex Game Devil have continued to supplement and update content for a burgeoning online community. Expanding upon a simple apartment premise and a handful of sex positions, this multiplayer sex game now includes various locations, outfits, positions, and social interactions. Lesbian and gay couplings are now possible, along with BDSM scenes. There is also support for USB sex toys along with the Occulus Rift. View the screenshots below (continued after the jump) to see everything added throughout 2013 to now, in order of release.

Learn more about the online virtual sex game 3DXChat here.

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Mar 082014

If there ever was a hot button topic, it’s sex in video games. Never mind the gargantuan amount of violence found in most video games dating back to the beginning of time, but anything even remotely sexual in a playable virtual environment has created massive amounts of public controversy. But just like anything controversial, there are major setbacks that initially put the fear into the distributor of said content, until no one cares any more. Then, anything goes.

Why has it been okay for so long to show nudity and simulated sex in movies with the appropriate rating but not okay for the same content to appear in a game? Would the Hot Coffee scandal be so scandalous today? It’s tough to say; the GTA series is so ubiquitous and began in controversy that it’s an easy target. Something about making it a minigame so the sex can be “played” on screen in a major game release must have been very threatening to certain politicians who never even saw the content. They were just perpetuating the notion that video games are harmful to children without any facts, and making the ignorant among society suddenly take issue about something they never even knew about. Don’t even get me started about The Sims.

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Oct 262013

Girlfriends4Ever builds upon the astounding and well endowed virtual porn found in Ayako Sex Addiction and ramps up the eroticism and animation to the extreme.  Whereas the last release was mostly still images, this latest is fully and smoothly animated.  Two stunning 3D supermodels flirt briefly as they recall a previous encounter, and then proceed to make each other happy in a most explicit fashion.  That one of the girls has a penis only proves to make things considerably more interesting.  This lady doesn’t just have a cock however, she is sprouting a tree between her legs.  The massive appendage does outrageous things to her sweating and willing friend, and eventually drowns her in love juice.

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Oct 232013

You’ve probably heard of Kickstarter, the crowdfunding platform that raises cash for the development of all types of independent projects, including music, film, and of course videogames.  But there is one category noticeably absent from their hundreds of thousands of successful launches.  At least it’s noticeable if your brain is like mine.  Yes that’s right, porn is not allowed.

Enter Offbeatr, crowdfunding for all things that make your grandmother squeamish.  Current projects range from a live action porn parody starring Boba Fett to a concept that turns real life models into virtual 3D porn.

Each project needs a certain amount of votes to be eligible for funding, and then the cash may flow.

XStoryPlayer has reached its funding goal of $15,000 well before the deadline, and is at $16,807 as of this writing.

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Jun 252013

Life Selector ReviewLife Selector    4.5 out of 5 Blue Balls  

This is uber POV (Point of View) from the viewer’s perspective, with a lot of build-up. Not everyone cares for build-up and the impatient among you may skip any scene to get to the next choice or scene. But for those who like the involvement that these POV stories create, you will appreciate the detailed scenarios and feeling of choice to actually interact with the environment leading up to explicit sex. Given that it’s all live video with real females, your choices will be rather limited, certainly in comparison to a videogame, but it’s impressive what these scenes allow you to do within the obvious limitations.

Life Selector Website

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