Mar 312013

VirtualFem SamiraA fun, sexy, demure, large-breasted babe who appears to be Middle Eastern, and will likely fulfill all your exotic desires and more. She’s another highly recommended woman from the ever expanding VirtualFem series. She’ll do everything you want with class and experience and not a small amount of embarrassed shyness. You can tell she’s aroused and that she knows deep down the whole thing is a filthy affair.

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Mar 272013

If you have any of these games and think the female characters are overdressed, then head on over to Naked Skins to get some more liberal minded versions of said females. The Naughty Gamer Mod for Mass Effect 3 created by Titandestroyer adds clothing alterations that span the entire galaxy of prominent females in the game, making nude or see through edits where deemed appropriate. Among other recently added nude mods are Dark Souls, Saint’s Row the Third, Just Cause 2, Devil May Cry 4, and the potential for some nudity in the wonderful game Dishonored. Saint’s Row 3 was clearly lacking in this particular area of debauchery, having successfully covered all other bases. Links and screenshots after the jump!

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Mar 152013

Version 2.1 of XStoryPlayer has been released, bringing many requested new features to the erotic fantasy simulator. First and foremost is the Fast Sex option, available from the main menu after you complete the two stories. Check the screenshots for a shortcut if you’re impatient. All four girls are available in four different scenarios for you to make love to or abuse without the pressure of figuring out what’s required to advance the story or running out of time. A large menu offers a variety of starting conditions to customize your experience. This is one of the few sex games that feels sandbox and allows for much experimentation to get your freak on just how you see fit. More after the jump.

Download XStoryPlayer

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Mar 102013

Here is another great game from Lesson of Passion. You play the role of an Elven beauty in this fantasy sex game. Some basic roleplaying elements and simple turned based combat add to the storyline involving betrayals and wild sex.

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Mar 052013

VirtualFem PaigeOne of the finest looking broads to grace the VirtualFem interactive girlfriend experience, Paige is worth the price of admission just by herself, and will make you happy many times over with her innocent, youthful charm. Underneath the cheerleader outfit is a willing and naughty girl who does her girlfriendly duties without pretentiousness or attitude. A slender, hourglass figure sports beautiful real breasts and a lovely face. Of course you get access to all the girls dating back to 2004 (there’s a lot).

VirtualFem Website

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Dec 312012

A brand new multiplayer sex game that is part of the Sex Game Devil suite of porn games for computer. Design your apartment and character and then look at the list of who’s online to interact with. Invite someone you think is nice to your place and chat them into virtual fucking on the couch or bed. The game is still considered beta, but is fully playable, and no bugs that I encountered. However it is limited to only a few positions and activities at press time. There was no one else online, but there is always a female bot that you can invite over and put your dick inside without so much as a hello. Once the game gets more populated and more feature rich, it sounds like a swell time. Hopefully some actual females will sign up.

More info on 3DXChat here.
   Memberships offered as 1 month | 6 months | 12 months (best deal)

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Dec 142012

I spent the afternoon at work cleaning up the place and waiting on my hot yet bitchy female boss hand and foot while she barked commands at me. Then I did it again the next day. So boy was I ready to sedate her and drag her to my apartment for some much earned revenge. While she was passed out, I flipped up her shirt and skirt to have an unfettered look at the goods. Once she was chained up at home, I did what came naturally. I started peeing all over her naked body. These moments of reckless freedom abound in XStoryPlayer, where you may be the virtual pervert you always dreamed of being.

XStoryPlayer Website

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Oct 302012

Now you can have a girlfriend who lives in your computer, remembers only what you tell her, and never nags you to visit her mother.  In AiBliss, you can make her walk, sit, or fuck her ass with a dildo.  But the real draw is the artificial intelligence, where your girl of choice will try real hard to have a conversation with you.  The more you talk to her, the more she learns, and will often bring up past subjects, no matter how twisted the things you told her were.  The girls come prepared with all manner of dirty phrases, so you won’t have to cover the basics yourself.   She speaks the words aloud using standard computer speech, but you can upgrade the voice to something better.  If you want more direct control, you can edit what she says or how she responds to certain phrases. There are a few nice locations but I don’t recommend the ‘hell’ location; there is some messed up stuff going on there.  A decent amount of customizations are available, including hair style, outfit, and various color options.  You can change her breast size and also make her ass and hips VERY large if so desired.  Visit her again the following day and she will remember your previous interactions.  You can also have her hang out and keep you company right on the desktop.

AiBliss Website | Download the demo here or purchase directly

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