Oct 092012

Exposing sexy Mina” full walkthrough

solution by gamebp

How to score ?

You tried to fire her! gives -10 points
You asked her if she likes the taste of cum. Really? gives -9 points
You tried to sniff her panties, gives -7 points
You offered her a drink, twice, gives -7 points
You demanded her slavery. That’s rich, gives -5 points
You offered her a drink early but she turned it down, gives -5 points
You threatened to slap her silly and called her a cunt! I want to award points because she actually liked it. But I’m not going to do that, gives -4 points
At one point you were Not Nice, gives -4 points
You were a little threat happy, gives -2 points
You made her take her stockings off, put them back on, and then take them off again, gives -2 points

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Oct 092012

Here is the walk through for Exposing Sexy Amber

solution by gamebp

The Scoring Chart

You didn’t get a blowjob or have sex with Amber : gives -20 points
You let her take control of you! : gives -10 points
You got too shitfaced and tossed your cookies : gives -10 points
You got caught perving out to Amber and Beth in the jacuzzi! : gives -10 points
You didn’t have sex with Amber : gives -7 points
You screwed up. : gives -5 points
You referred to her as a slut too soon : gives -4 points
You were too relaxed and laidback to make sales : gives -3 points
You were too aggressive after drinking to make any sales : gives -3 points
You got kicked out: gives -2 points
You were soberly challenged : gives -1 points

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Oct 042012

The beautiful stripping women of VirtuaGirl have finally expanded beyond the PC desktop. Now Mac users can enjoy the most welcome distraction of private strip shows upon their monitor screens. The girls feel a little guilty but hope to make up for it by getting naked on a regular basis.

Direct Download (Free) | VirtuaGirl Website

Also in related news, Mina has been discovered as a VirtuaGirl. She appears in a variety of scenarios. Mina is the name of the character played by Conny in Exposing Sexy Mina, one of the free sex games released here.

Here is the direct link to her page

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Sep 292012

They actually created this a while back but I’ve been dying to post about it since. There’s something special about being able to deliberately drag around a naked woman’s body in a virtual environment. But it gets better. You can push her off a ledge and watch as her docile body flaccidly tackles an array of bars and pipes on the way down. Thankfully it’s not particularly violent and she doesn’t get “hurt,”  just ragdoll physics reacting properly. The purpose is unclear, and I don’t even want to acknowledge any fetishes that this may be associated with, but it’s an odd sort of escapism, and part of a slew of minigames available to members of the Sex Game Devil series of 3D porn games.

Get Juliet Sex Game here

Get all the sex games and extra minigames here

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Sep 082012

Grand Master K has released yet another iteration of Strip Indian (links to the previous version for PC), this time for Android devices. I have a Droid 2, which is somehow now outdated even though it can cook me breakfast, but I also tried the game on my Google Nexus 7 tablet and the game works flawlessly on both. There are different screen resolutions selectable in the game’s main menu, but unfortunately I still had to use the smallest dimensions so that it didn’t get cut off at the screen edges, even on my seven inch tablet. My man says he is working on a solution. Most android phones will display the game perfectly in high resolution, as does the Kindle Fire. The game itself is one card poker, you can see her card, and she can see yours, but not vice versa. Betting strategy is based around that. Features ten models and yes there is nudity. The mobile screenshots are from the Droid 2 for now.

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Sep 062012

This game is a dating simulation where you go out on the town to attempt to bang chicks. Before hitting up the singles clubs you might want to spend some time at the gym or visit stores for an array of supplies that will aid in sealing the deal. You can play the lottery to win cash to purchase improvements that will boost various stats and provide hotter girls as well as the ability to satisfy them properly. Temporary buffs will make it easier to get things happening in the short run, and a successful score increases your reputation for the long run. When you do get a girl in the sack, you choose from various sexual acts to begin an explicit video which is the representation of said act. Other than these sexual encounters, the rest of the game plays in a static yet engaging fashion as you try out all the ways to improve your inner and outer beauty. While the sex scenes are quite hardcore, they do not seem to be the actual girl you picked up whose face is shown in a thumbnail. That’s a rather large disconnect for me, but not always an issue when most of the scenes focus on the body and the genitals.

Check out NightStud 3 here.

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Sep 052012

The next free sex game from AGR, called Secret Sex Mansion, will feature multiple paths and a mysterious story plus lots of explicit sexual interaction. A basic system of conversational skill checks will create a unique experience for each player and a different game experience upon replaying. This is the largest game I have created yet and I am unsure how large the flash file will end up being. The graphics are culled from 3DSexvilla 2 with their permission of course. Don’t expect the world, this isn’t Skyrim, but a free choose your own adventure style game that conveys the story, action, and choices through images and videos.

Released here!

Jul 112012

This fantastic looking sex game has been updated to include several new sexual positions, including new blowjob and 69 scenarios, mutual masturbation, and my favorite, the footjob, among others. An excellent interface controls detailed and realistic animations, and a slider adjusts her jiggly boobs from young to ludicrous size. Subtle moans add to the immersion, and when the mood strikes, spread your love juice all over her face, tits, or pussy. Try it out here. Available for Win/Mac.

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