Jul 272012

This erotic MMO features four giant virtual resorts to explore, depending on your particular kinky inclination(s). Simply “choose the resort that fits your fantasy,” and explore all the sex clubs, hangouts, and dance spots in each location to get your groove on. The main resort is the place to get started, and there is also a fetish resort, as well as respective destinations for swingers and gays. A relative newcomer to the adult MMO genre, 3DSex might be an excellent place to get in on the action early, before the inevitable attitude creeps in. Check it out here.

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Jul 112012

This fantastic looking sex game has been updated to include several new sexual positions, including new blowjob and 69 scenarios, mutual masturbation, and my favorite, the footjob, among others. An excellent interface controls detailed and realistic animations, and a slider adjusts her jiggly boobs from young to ludicrous size. Subtle moans add to the immersion, and when the mood strikes, spread your love juice all over her face, tits, or pussy. Try it out here. Available for Win/Mac.

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Jul 072012

This summer brings an array of attractive and willing ladies into the VirtualFem arena of interactive artificial intelligence.  You know the drill; type what you want them to do and marvel at the magic on your monitor.  Need your hands for more pressing tasks?  Plug in a microphone and babble your commands like a deranged Barry White.  Or better yet, play a Barry White recording into the mic and see what the hell happens.  You don’t have anything better to do, right?  Me neither.  Read on for my witty descriptions of each girl.

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Jun 132012

The latest update to uber sex simulator 3DSexVilla 2 expands upon the fetish elements in unique and exciting ways. Now your virtual sex freaks can totally get off on getting whipped, spanked, slapped, paddled, and being forced to sit through every season of every show involving a Kardashian. Okay I made the last one up but damn, THAT would be painful. The point is that any sexual pain in 3DSexVilla can now lead to virtual orgasm. New fetish themed outfits and features are included in the update, along with an array of various adjustments and fine tunings as is the norm for each iteration.

Play 3DSexVilla 2 Now

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Feb 202012

Juliet Sex Session is a bare naked, stripped down, erotic game that takes place between two strangers in an abandoned public restroom. Choose from a nice selection of positions and activities and your mouse zooms and pans around the action with ease. The graphics are fantastic and feature realistic sexual animations and deliciously bouncy breasts, and there are nice moans. A lone slider adjusts boob size from pert handfuls to gargantuan love pillows. When the mood is right, cum all over her face and tits, spraying your load with reckless abandon. She’ll love you for it.  Try it out here.   Available for Win/Mac.

See the updated positions and screenshots

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Feb 072012

BoneCraft ReviewBoneCraft | 4.5/5  | D-Dub SoftwareWebsite

BoneCraft combines the gaming styles of high fantasy and space opera into an erotic arcade adventure.  In short, what this means is you can fuck elf chicks.  Or robot sex slaves, if that’s your thing.   You take on the role of a horny redneck astronaut, exploring the galaxy with hopes of finding as much tang as possible, and not the kind that astronauts usually have.

The game’s missions are introduced by cinematic cut scenes with great voice acting and off the wall premises.  Each mission unlocks new items and upgrades, as well as new types of females and even sexual positions.  You can start a sex scene with one of these ladies in any of the positions you have available, which is every position you can think of.  Every normal and acrobatic coupling is animated on screen and can be switched at the tap of a button.  Extra abilities include smacking that ass or grabbing her head for some blow job gagging, as well as hitting a button to say a random perverted line.  The sex isn’t limited to the time between missions; many missions allow sexual relations to occur in the midst of combat, and your fellow soldiers will partake as well, banging orc broads or elf babes while the arrows and bullets whiz by.  Wild scenarios of debaucherous sex during high action battles are commonplace in Bonecraft, which make it all the more unique.  In other areas of the game there are more relaxed situations of gamer controlled fucking in the form of threesomes, lesbian playtime, and orgies.

Download BoneCraft here | D-Dub Website

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Jan 252012

Hentai 3D ReviewHentai3D 2 | 3.5/5  Website

This is the hentai version of 3DSexVilla 2 and part of the Thrixxx family of 3D sex games. Just about everything you can do in their base game can be done here, with some extra interactions available and many subtle changes. Typical hentai scenarios involving classroom drama and sex, tentacle porn, and demon sex are all present here, but don’t expect much in the way of story or Japanese anime conventions. All the females take on an Asian look, but don’t have the exaggerated cartoony bug eyed anime faces that really drive home a hentai presentation. It’s not terribly far off – they do have large eyes, small noses, and whatever size tits you prefer (i.e. huge) – but the engine for 3DSexVilla 2 was designed to provide as much realism as possible, and not exaggeration. I recall the original Hentai3D that pulled this off more effectively. I’m hoping the next iteration of this game goes back to that style, but until then, Hentai3D 2 is as close as one can get to hentai in a 3D environment with the kinds of infinite customizations and options that Thrixxx games provide.  Try Hentai3D  for free here
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Jan 112012

virtualfemThe world may be ending this year, but VirtualFem will still have a new girl each month. Do you have eyeballs and a keyboard? That’s all you require to tell these girls what to do. Toni is just a delicious and beautiful lady and I can’t say enough good things about her.  She is my new favorite, with perfectly sized natural breasts, lovely face, skin, and hair. Alexis isn’t my type but I have a strange affection for her large droopy boobs.

You can find several of every type YOU like.  See all the VirtualFem coverage here on AGR.

Download VirtualFem Here

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Jan 062012

After spending a few hours with BoneCraft, I can assure you, my dear reader, that this is not more of the same from BoneTown, the developer’s previous effort. Of course there are many similarities, but there’s so much new stuff to do, new scenery, and most importantly new types of females to fuck, that it’s a fresh experience altogether. The setting is both fantasy and sci fi at the same time, and the women reflect that with style. Expect to bone robot sex slaves, beautiful young elf chicks, nasty big titted orc bitches, and more to be revealed in the full review. Of course if you can’t wait you can pick up your copy of BoneCraft here, either digital download or traditional DVD in the mail. The story and sexcapades get moved along via missions featuring arcade combat against assorted enemies, with the help of a basic squadron of fellow fighters and perverts. Wacky impressions of famous personalities abound in the voices of your helpers and will make you giggle. Here are some screenshots to whet your whistle. Continue Here...

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Dec 292011

This is one of the best deals in adult games right now.  If you want value for your erotic gaming then look no further than this Hot Deal by Sex Game Devil featuring Nemo’s WhoresVenus HostageNight Party,  Sex Warrior,  Anal Masters,  and an Erotic Screensaver for one low bundle price.  More Info

CORRECTION:  Six games now!  The newest one is Juliet Sex Session

They also changed their price structure to membership, as they will be adding more games regularly.

Click here to see the low price

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