Oct 262013

Girlfriends4Ever builds upon the astounding and well endowed virtual porn found in Ayako Sex Addiction and ramps up the eroticism and animation to the extreme.  Whereas the last release was mostly still images, this latest is fully and smoothly animated.  Two stunning 3D supermodels flirt briefly as they recall a previous encounter, and then proceed to make each other happy in a most explicit fashion.  That one of the girls has a penis only proves to make things considerably more interesting.  This lady doesn’t just have a cock however, she is sprouting a tree between her legs.  The massive appendage does outrageous things to her sweating and willing friend, and eventually drowns her in love juice.

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Oct 232013

You’ve probably heard of Kickstarter, the crowdfunding platform that raises cash for the development of all types of independent projects, including music, film, and of course videogames.  But there is one category noticeably absent from their hundreds of thousands of successful launches.  At least it’s noticeable if your brain is like mine.  Yes that’s right, porn is not allowed.

Enter Offbeatr, crowdfunding for all things that make your grandmother squeamish.  Current projects range from a live action porn parody starring Boba Fett to a concept that turns real life models into virtual 3D porn.

Each project needs a certain amount of votes to be eligible for funding, and then the cash may flow.

XStoryPlayer has reached its funding goal of $15,000 well before the deadline, and is at $16,807 as of this writing.

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Jun 252013

Life Selector ReviewLife Selector    4.5 out of 5 Blue Balls  

This is uber POV (Point of View) from the viewer’s perspective, with a lot of build-up. Not everyone cares for build-up and the impatient among you may skip any scene to get to the next choice or scene. But for those who like the involvement that these POV stories create, you will appreciate the detailed scenarios and feeling of choice to actually interact with the environment leading up to explicit sex. Given that it’s all live video with real females, your choices will be rather limited, certainly in comparison to a videogame, but it’s impressive what these scenes allow you to do within the obvious limitations.

Life Selector Website

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Jun 222013

VirtualFem Courtney JamesThe latest VirtualFem is hot fun and goes to great lengths to please her well endowed friend (played by you in POV fashion).  As usual, tell her what to do and how to do it, and this girl will strip, change outfits, suck, fuck, and probably do some other stuff you have on your mind.  But even though she’s hot, don’t just stop at her; there’s a high volume of other horny virtual girlfriend types waiting to be downloaded and told what to do.

VirtualFem Website

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Apr 192013

Saboom provides high quality interactive porn that you can remix at will. Or finely tune the scenes in the order that you prefer and only the ones you want to see. Turn on the POV switch to keep you involved as an able bodied participant, to put it mildly. And most of the content is from your perspective. There are some basic choices early on in each show, getting you started directing every explicit action for the girls to carry out. Most of the time you’re a dude, but sometimes you can be a lesbian. Hey, I’m not judging. Check out a sample below the screenshots or go here for a free look.

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Mar 312013

VirtualFem SamiraA fun, sexy, demure, large-breasted babe who appears to be Middle Eastern, and will likely fulfill all your exotic desires and more. She’s another highly recommended woman from the ever expanding VirtualFem series. She’ll do everything you want with class and experience and not a small amount of embarrassed shyness. You can tell she’s aroused and that she knows deep down the whole thing is a filthy affair.

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Mar 272013

If you have any of these games and think the female characters are overdressed, then head on over to Naked Skins to get some more liberal minded versions of said females. The Naughty Gamer Mod for Mass Effect 3 created by Titandestroyer adds clothing alterations that span the entire galaxy of prominent females in the game, making nude or see through edits where deemed appropriate. Among other recently added nude mods are Dark Souls, Saint’s Row the Third, Just Cause 2, Devil May Cry 4, and the potential for some nudity in the wonderful game Dishonored. Saint’s Row 3 was clearly lacking in this particular area of debauchery, having successfully covered all other bases. Links and screenshots after the jump!

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