Mar 112009

New from Somavision Digital, the developers of 3DPlayThing and Digamour, comes another interactive 3D sex game. In Pink Tropics, you “explore a south pacific resort in search of the girl of your dreams, porn starlet Ashlynn Brooke!” There is some sort of digital representation of said porn star..let in the game, plus nine other girls to be dirty and naughty with in 10 different environments. No word on whether or not Miss Brooke’s voice is used but I would assume so. But they do say: “Made to appeal to the casual gamer, Pink Tropics is not as in depth as Digamour.” I didn’t realize how much depth could be found in that game but I’m sure I really couldn’t take any less of it.

Pink Tropics website

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  3 Responses to “Pink Tropics Released”

  1. Steer VERY clear of this site.

    I signed up for a membership two days ago, and every time I try to log in, I not only get a prompt saying my password is invalid, but I'm told I've tried "too many times" to log in.

    A complete and utter mess.

  2. Oh….and I can't even figure out how to contact these people……

  3. And the problem still exiists.

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