Nov 212011

If you want all the headaches that come with dealing with a difficult woman, then play this dating simulator. She’s not easy but if you play your cards right, she will do all kinds of kinky shit all over the house and the town. Tips: Two drinks are enough; Compliments are good; Don’t push the sexual interactions; Be careful with when she says “How about a kiss?” and you click on her lips before you realize it says “french kiss” and she kicks you out, like you knew that was going to happen (kiss her on the cheek instead). Expect a fair amount of guesswork, and finally, clicking on the top left corner might let you pick which room to hang out in. This game has been around for quite a while, there is an impressive amount of content, and this is version 7.1. Good luck.

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  1. wow! i got a perfect ten,i got pretty damn hard to,i will post you a little walkthrough

    • dude i need the walkthrough for this game, can you please post the walkthrough!! Thank you!!

      • 1. Click her face to her she looks beautiful
        2. Click her shoulder to hug her
        3. Click her face to kiss her on the cheek
        4. Click 18 or over
        5. Click suggest to go to another room
        6. Click the kitchen
        7. Click the fridge to make steaks
        8. Click to wait for the steaks
        9. Click the steak on her plate and wine
        10. Click her face to ask her a question
        11. Click her chest
        12. Click to go somewhere else
        13. Click on the car to go for a drive
        She’s going to take you to the mall, it will tell you the instructions
        After that
        14. Click to go to the museum
        15. Click to start the tour
        16. 1.) (Medieval painting) Who painted it? Durer 2.) (Renaissance painter) Who was he? Rembrandt 3.) (Picasso) Who do they call this style? Cubism
        17. Click to go back to her place
        18. Click the living room
        19. Click to dance to music
        20. Click jazz
        21. Click to kiss her
        22. Click to kiss her on the neck
        23. Click to go back to the couch
        24. Click the wine
        25. Click her hair
        26. Click to kiss her
        29. Click to message her
        30. Click to caress her breast
        31. Click the wine
        32. Click her hair
        33. Click to kiss her
        34. Click to caress her breast
        35. Click the wine
        36. Click to take off her top
        37. Click to take off her pants
        38. Click to message her butt
        39. Click to take off her panties
        40. Click to have sex
        41. Click to kiss her goodbye
        25. Click the wine
        26. Click to take off her top

  2. good fuck

  3. where can I play the NEW VERSION?

  4. So she spilled spaghetti on her shirt, so she went to the bathroom. When I followed her in she was taking a dump. The hell?

  5. you r very nice

  6. hottt o my gosh

  7. It’s just impossibl to get 10 ! My better score is 7 ! What’s is yur secret John Howson?

  8. This is a superb game; really enjoyable. This is miles above the generality of crude dolls and fairly disgusting simple games available elsewhere.
    I have reached a perfect ten in 4 locations so far – more than once in some. More to try now I know the general system. I doubt if anyone will manage to run up a clear walkthrough – since it does not work that way. Do the same actions a second time round – and the result maybe subtly different – though you can repeat a mix of some actions to regain credit needed to advance. You really really need to build romance / a liking for you in her.

    The pics are amongst the best I have seen producing a really sexy attractive body that keeps you trying for more.

  9. Nice game, but only som bouncing titties, where are the dicksucking and facials

  10. take off your fucking sexy red topp Ariane

  11. Got a 10 and had it ‘missionary style’

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