Sep 292014

Virtual strippers attempt to dance in time to whatever music you’re playing on your computer. The program detects the tempo of the song and a scantily clad or naked 3D female shakes her money maker on a virtual dance floor. The BPM isn’t always detected correctly, but the girl appears to be dancing to whatever you’re playing regardless, in that way that a hot girl can dance badly and still look good. Motion capture dance moves result in fluid animations. There’s also a rhythm game included, where you keypress appropriately as the arrows go whizzing by, but they don’t often line up with the music in any real rhythmic sense. Customizations include the usual in terms of clothing, underwear, or nudity, as well as nipple and tit adjustments, hair style and color, shaved pussy or bush, tattoos, make up, etc. Other visuals can be adjusted including the dance floor, lighting, and swirly effects around her gyrations. Worth having if you want a sexy naked 3D girl dancing to your playlist. And it’s free to play.  Download 3D GoGo 2 here.

Get 3D GoGo 2 for free here.

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