Sep 082010

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Today I test drive the all girl on girl variation of 3D SexVilla, known descriptively as 3D Lesbian. For fans of girls who love girls, there isn’t a more full featured erotic game available. All the interactions found in 3D SexVilla 2 are here in 3D Lesbian, minus the dudes. That means the same positions for solo masturbation, girl couples, and lesbian threesomes found in the parent game, as well as all the applicable toys, outfits, and body customizations. 3D Lesbian goes light on the fetish gear, as Thrixxx offers the Fetish 3D sub category, but bondage, handcuffs, and dominatrix outfits are still provided. You can really become part of the scene by setting the camera through one of the girl’s viewpoints, and get a taste of what it’s like to be a lovely large breasted lady getting strap-on love from another lovely large breasted lady. Or small breasted should you prefer.

One interesting inclusion is the first person penis, which can plaster the girls with special sauce that remains on their virtual skin until you hit the scrub button, but ladies who love ladies and want a penis-free experience can avoid the button entirely. One minor complaint is that 3DSexVilla 2 and consequently 3D Lesbian still has too much focus on strap-ons, especially with all girl threesomes. Hand jobs and blow jobs applied to strap-ons just doesn’t seem realistic; I want to see three girls licking each other. Replace strap-on blow jobs with licking, and hand jobs with fingering. Problem solved. In spite of that, there are plenty of hot lesbian positions, including pussy on pussy, ass to ass, and wine, dine, sixty-nine, minus the wine and dine. Other interactions are twosome licking, fingering, ass licking, kissing, and fisting, among others. There’s a nice variety of preset women available, and the animations, voices, and moans are all top notch. 3D Lesbian is recommended to those who desire only that content and want to save money.

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