May 272008

3D PlayThing 4 out of 5 blue balls 4/5


It may seem like eons ago, but sometime around 2001, there was a burgeoning new community of underground adult graphic artists who used programs like Poser to create virtual nude mannequins. They traded still images and honored your requests to model lipstick lesbians, aliens violating bound and gagged women in the most, shall I say, *creative* ways, and all kinds of other crazy shit you people think of. This community continues to stay active at Renderotica. But around that time one such innovator formed a team that started taking steps towards what all fans of this material wanted: animation and interaction. They created Somavision or whatever and today I review their fully interactive virtual sex experience, 3D PlayThing.

3D Plaything Screens
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Firing up the game displays a screen with a creepy door that one wonders what lurks behind. Enter in a valid username and password and you soon find out. Yup, it’s a chick in a bikini. A look out the window suggests you’re in a high rise building in a futuristic metropolis. As groovy music plays in the background (it’s not bad, and I don’t say that lightly), you’re free to interact with your new friend in any way you please. She stands there waiting and looking around until you give her some purpose in life. Purpose in life is good, isn’t it? Seeing no reason to commence with formalities, I told my virtual woman to lose the bikini to reveal nice, full looking 3D breasts and nipples and an inviting shaved pussy. There are four locations within her cool pad where you can do stuff to her, and a nice menu of positions to put her in. An array of dildos are available, but easily my favorite is the floating cock. As you give her virtual pleasure, she makes passing commentary like, “What are you waiting for? Put your dick in my mouth.” Sure beats talking about the weather.The interface is a dream to navigate. The camera stays centered on the model, and moving your mouse fluidly adjusts the angle 360 degrees in every direction around her. Most of the buttons lie in a neat row on the bottom of the screen without being too small or obtrusive. Clicking a location, a position, and a sex toy is a no brainer. Then choose where to focus the toy on her body by clicking buttons for mouth, pussy, or ass. It doesn’t get any easier than that.At any time you can jump over to the body shop to edit your girl. Mostly standard options are available like hair color and three different breast sizes. There are three different models ranging in skin tone from white to whiter to borderline albino. In spite of that, each model has a different looking face and body, with varied beauty marks, freckles, and tan lines. Two of them have a healthy patch of public hair.

Although I would have preferred the inclusion of some darker skin tones, the girls are realistic and cute, and I think have a more palpable look to them probably due to their Poser roots. The 3D stills and brief animations of the recent past have triumphantly morphed into an immersive 3D virtual sex sim with great graphics and an excellent interface.

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