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3DSexVilla 24.5 out of 5 blue balls 4.5/5


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The tried and true virtual erotica experience that started with 3DSlut and expanded with leaps and bounds into 3DSexVilla is now at version 2. Everything looks better, and the highly customizable features found previously are now at a level that can only be deemed insane. If you’re reading this and not just staring at the screenshots thinking how much better you wish your life was, then you want details, and details I have. Read on.

3DSexVilla 2 is centered around a system of sex coins, which may be earned through various tasks in game, such as completing a story or bringing a girl to 100% orgasm. The better the orgasm, the more sex coins earned, but there is an hourly limit on how much can be obtained. The virtual money can then be used to purchase more sex packs. These include new positions, locations, toys, various accessories, and skin, face, or body customizations such as tattoos, and “atomic tits,” which allow for retardedly large breasts. The sex coins feature adds a much needed layer of challenge to the virtual sex genre, without holding back on the virtual sex itself.

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There are three modes of play: Quick mode lets you choose your partners and then randomly throws you into a location, and there is no possibility to earn sex coins. In free mode, where some coins may be earned, you’re allowed to freely experiment with all the partners, locations, toys, and actions that are available to you in game. In story mode, a little conversation with some psuedo response options sets up the scene for a little more erotic potential, and then you’re given the same freedom with positions, toys, and actions as in the other modes.

Locations range from the expected (swank apartments, beach, bathroom, classroom, lockerroom) to the more exotic (ancient ruins, pirate ship, an airplane, a lavish ballroom straight out of Eyes Wide Shut), and all provide a great backdrop with which to recreate your favorite sexual fantasy involving one to three people. One girl can be standing, sitting, bending over, and many subtle variations between and will masturbate on her own or with your help via toys, fingers, a tongue, penis, dildos, and the requisite fresh produce. Any of these can be put in any of her three holes simultaneously. The same options are available for two partners plus every sexual position you can dream up. The threesome positions don’t translate as well when using two and especially three women, as they seem more geared to one girl and two dudes. In such a menage a trois arrangement, the scene looks great. But when not using men, cocks are replaced with strap-ons and often stroked or sucked, which really doesn’t make much sense most of the time.

There are also a couple fetish environments, with new positions involving handcuffs, a gyno chair, various bound poses, and dangerously powerful fucking machines. In any location there are fetish toys that may be used, like hot candle wax, or a paddle that makes them say, “ouch that hurts,” and leaves actual marks on the girls’ bodies. I left a lot of marks. Your favorite positions, toys, and implements can be dragged from the in game menu to hotkey slots at the bottom of the screen.

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The girls themselves are much more varied and attractive than those found in 3DSexVilla 1, offering a welcome selection of ethnicities. At any time while in game or at the main menu, you may customize your virtual fuck friends. When you edit a character, the changes remain even when you leave and return to the game, which is nice. You may dress them however you like but it seems kind of pointless because they more or less have predefined outfits for each location anyways. I don’t understand that, but body, hair, and face modifications do remain as you set them, assuming you’ve unlocked these options.

While in a scene the girls express themselves vocally without being repetitive. They have really filthy mouths, moan realistically, and offer suggestions. In fact they will outright tell you if they’re getting bored with an activity, and give other instructions such as, “I want a toy,” or “Slow down you prehistoric jackhammer.” Okay really they only say, “slow down” but you get the idea.

The level of control is simply amazing. Grab the item that was chosen to commit the sex act and move the action along at your pace. Or set a slider to have the virtual sex addicts carry out the action on their own, from slow to fast. And at the click of a button, simply moving the mouse can control the movement on screen without having to grab and drag the banana in and out of that poor girl’s asshole. This mouse option offers a finer level of control. The animations are smooth and realistic, and penetration of every type looks very convincing. When a girl has cock on either end of her she moves her head and ass independently and looks oh so naughty. The camera can be focused anywhere you want, including a first person view through the eyes of any of the participants.

Sometimes a small yet useful group of icons appears under the heading “Related Poses.” Click on one to watch the participants smoothly transition from one position to another, such as from vaginal to anal sex, or from face to face to having one girl behind the other and reaching around. These are nicely done transitions but I wish there were more of them. Normally you are required to choose another position from the in game menu which abruptly flashes to another scene. There’s a splatter icon which causes squirting orgasms in both males and females, but can only be seen when genitalia aren’t otherwise engulfed somewhere else. Sometimes it resets or lowers the excitement bar. When this bar reaches 100% the girl moans out a loud orgasm.

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I have to say I would consider this sex sim to be much more woman friendly than the usual fare. There is a generous selection of what I can only assume are pretty men (which may not be as masculine as preferred by some), along with a realistic approach to excitement levels that mirror the expected effort that’s often required to get someone off. Story mode provides a little fantasy erotica to enhance the visuals, although it could be more … fleshed out. This mode would have greatly benefited from spoken dialog, seeing as it is so well delivered and diverse in other areas. Anyways, if these features don’t interest you as much, then the first person cock is still in full effect here, ready to shower your girl of choice with gobs of love juice.

So this one has the most options I’ve seen to date, and provides new content each month. Some things could be better; the control scheme is a bit awkward and takes getting used to for example. The story mode is a nice addition but is mostly an afterthought with high potential. I wish there were more nipple options, namely larger nipples and areolas, and some more lesbian friendly threesome positions would be nice. Chances are, features such as these will be in upcoming sex packs. With about a gazillion options already however, I have to recommend this as the latest and greatest virtual sex game.

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  9 Responses to “3DSexVilla 2 Review”

  1. Fantastic game but when is the next bloody update?

  2. good

  3. This game is the best adult game out there 5/5

  4. This is the best sex game out there, but there is still much room for improvement.

    This game is sort of a sexual version of “The Sims” – an open-ended “sandbox” game where you create and customize characters, then act out scenes however you want.

    The only problem is, much like with “The Sims,” it gets a little boring after a while. After you’ve customized your characters as much as you want, and tried all the sex toys and positions and such, it feels like there’s nothing left to do.

    Here’s my wishlist for future improvements (some of which were mentioned in the review):

    1 – More character customization. This game has more than any other game out there, but it would be nice to see more outfits, accessories, and hair types – especially masculine hair types for men. Not that I’m spending much of my time looking at the men (I’m a straight male), but aside from the shaved head, most of the haircuts seem very girly. Also, there should be a better way of changing the colors of clothes. Instead of letting you choose a certain color, you have to adjust sliders for brightness, contrast, etc, which doesn’t work too well.

    2 – Better chick-on-chick interactions. The reviewer covered this pretty well, so I won’t waste my time elaborating.

    3 – Better fetishedized/rough sex options and strategy. The basic mechanic in these scenarios is to build up the pleasure meter, them cum. But what if you want to take a more non-traditional approach? What if you want to tie someone up, and make them fill up their pleasure meter against their will? (Disclaimer – I’m not endorsing anything like that in real life, but in a fake game nobody gets hurt.)

    4 – Give us something else to do. Once you’ve tried the basic elements of the game (character creation, acting out a scene or two), there’s really no “point” to the game. Maybe add a game mode where you crate a new character with no real sex skills, and you have to build them up. Maybe there could be a “breaking-them-in” sort of game where your character meets a new girl (or guy, or shemale, depending on what you’re into), and you have to build them up to become a successful porn star. Or go a different direction and make them a talented sex slave.

  5. Definitely notna 4.5/5 the game is a scam. It claims to be free but all you get is a demo. If you want to play the full game then you got to be prepared to spend a lot of money. ITV those pay to play games. The company is greedy and there are far out better games than this crap. 2/5 for me

  6. Hrs babe

  7. I love sex game

  8. 3D Sex Villa 2 is Best of Best Virtural SEX simulator but….

    DAZ stydudio Victoria 4.2 based Engine is Problem.

    IF this game more and more advance active…

    This game will change the BASE DAZ Studio Gensis 8 Female and Male engine.

    more detailed textured and soft physics needed and more detailed rigging needed.

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