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3DSexvilla & 3DSlut 4.5 out of 5 blue balls4.5/5

Thrixxx | Oct 2004

When 3DSlut came out, it raised the bar on 3D erotica so high that other developers are just starting to catch up. 3DSexvilla raises that bar even further. What’s more, and also not surprising, is that it comes directly from the same developers as 3DSlut. If you become a member of one, you get access to the other. And this point is important, because although this newer iteration is better technically and offers more potential, it’s nowhere near as feature rich as the original. At least not at the time of this writing.

3DSexvilla & 3DSlut


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3Dslut website

3DSlut screens

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3DSexvilla screens

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Let’s start with 3DSlut. You start by selecting from an array of nine women of varying ethnicities, and then an optional second person. The second person could be a black or white male, or any one of the available women. Then you choose from nine locales, which include some bedrooms, a beach, a doctor’s office complete with a gyno chair, an S&M dungeon, an elevator, a public bathroom, and more. Like the doctor’s office, many of the rooms have their own specific features. The perspectives in the elevator are meant to appear like surveillance video, while the bathroom affords you the chance to sneak peaks on your girl as she masturbates sitting on a toilet. In the dungeon, the slut of your choice is strapped down, which is prime opportunity to use the slappy thing on her naked body, and hear her say “ouch,” “that hurts,” and “stop it.” Speaking of speaking, all the women have a German accent, which is no surprise considering 3DSlut’s development by a German company. The audio gets a little repetitive and could have benefited from more variety. Most of the girls sound exactly the same, and I’m pretty sure they were voiced by the same woman.

You start by using a disembodied hand on the clothed slut, and with the click of a button she can be partially or completely nude in a flash. After some touching she gets aroused enough to allow for the many other things you can do to her, like pinching her nipples, fingering her pussy, and using any of a wide selection of sex toys in her mouth, pussy, and ass. The sex toys include a pile of dildos and many kinds of produce. There’s even a lone tongue, which the virtual women seem to really appreciate, just like in real life. At this point your welcome to have sex with her in pretty much any position, from a 1st or 3rd person perspective, as a man, or as a woman with a strapon. You can stand or lie down to get your dick sucked, or your strapon sucked if you chose to be a woman. One of the rooms has a sybian. And eventually your 3DSlut will come, and be very vocal about the whole thing. You can also customize every aspect of the women, including eye color, outfit, breast size, accessories like adding a nipple chain, and much more.

So there are options. Lots of them. But what makes 3DSlut so unique is the way the women react to what you’re doing. As they get more aroused they spread their legs more, and then they might lie back for you. They move around often and realistically, and they look at you sometimes. Their breasts bounce and move realistically whether your grabbing and pulling them, or having sex. It’s as close a representation to on-screen virtual sex as there is. And it’s also alot of sexy fun.

Not much to gripe about here, but I could do without the constant subtitles on the bottom of the screen that get in the way and in no way add to the overall experience. As far as I could tell there’s no way to remove them. Fortunately, 3DSexvilla has done away with them. Also in the S&M dungeon you still have to wait until she’s aroused enough to completely have your way with her, which doesn’t make sense when she’s strapped down. Thankfully, it doesn’t take long for these girls to get aroused. Yep, it’s definitely virtual sex. One final issue I have is that the women all look very much like tall supermodels. Don’t get me wrong, for computer graphics, these ladies are very hot. But it would be nice to have a more young looking amateur type hottie. There’s Hentai3D, but that’s not exactly what I mean.

As for 3DSexvilla, all the realism and great reactions carry over from 3DSlut and are in fact improved. The facial expressions are more animated and they look great. Anal sex, which was sort of available in 3DSlut, is now a definite possibility. There are many more positions as well. But my favorite new feature is clearly the first person penis. At any time you may call up a penis which appears at the bottom of the screen, and then proceed to shoot jism all over the frickin whore. It comes with a little aiming circle and the sperm then stays on the girl’s body for the duration of the session, at least until you wipe the filthy skank clean with the sponge. My only complaint here is that each time you choose it you can only spurt three times before the virtual cock goes away. But you can choose it an unlimited amount of times. No dry heaving here, this penis has mad endurance.

The interface is vastly improved and very slick. There are now graphics options, with your choice of the full spectrum of resolutions if your monitor can handle it. You may also adjust color depth and refresh rate. Just like a real PC game.

At this time there are only a couple girls to choose from and one location, but that’s almost a non issue when you realize that it’s bundled with 3DSlut. Not to mention the fact that Thrixxx is great with updating content regularly, and has plans to continue fleshing out 3DSexvilla like they did 3DSlut. What 3DSexvilla is sorely missing however is the 1st person perspective. Other than the cumshot penis option, you can’t experience any of the sex from 1st person. I really hope they put that back in.

This is the best in virtual sex, and it’s only going to keep getting better. Definitely spend your porn dollars on this one.

3DSexVilla website | 3Dslut website | 3DGayVilla gay sex game

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