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Since my original posting on 3DXChat being released at the end of 2012, the folks at Sex Game Devil have continued to supplement and update content for a burgeoning online community. Expanding upon a simple apartment premise and a handful of sex positions, this multiplayer sex game now includes various locations, outfits, positions, and social interactions. Lesbian and gay couplings are now possible, along with BDSM scenes. There is also support for USB sex toys along with the Occulus Rift. View the screenshots below (continued after the jump) to see everything added throughout 2013 to now, in order of release.

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  1. cool

  2. mmmmm

  3. its greatbut the problem is how to make an account

  4. 1) What 3DXChat features do you like?

    As far as features there are only a couple that could that would even rate a slight like but there is so much more that can be done with the game. There is so much more that can be done but yet it still lacks. When I first started, my friend told me about the site as I do a good bit of things, they suggested that I offer my help, as I had, I learned being in game more well you can read below to find out why I chose not to.

    Start taking some of the actual advice of all users not a select few, I’ll keep my comment to myself on the shirt designs. Many of the suggestions are very easy to do and seem to lack being put into game. The options within game really could use an update.

    More security to protect out privacy, I’ll leave it at that.

    2) What would you say to people who haven’t played 3DXChat yet?

    Unless you have a cut-throat attitude and really don’t care about anyone other than yourself, this isn’t a site that I would recommend. There is far too much that goes on in game that well many don’t agree with. Many have come across abuse, others just try to enjoy the site, not always is that easy to do when your trust about the game is blown.

    When I first started it was new so I looked around and then watched, what I had seen really urked me, yet I didn’t open my mouth and say anything. I just watched things come undone for some. While on there I learned that not everything and everyone is as it seems, if you’re interested in someone, just watch and see what happens, given the fact there are three avi to an account you never know who may be who, so use your gut instinct. If you’re looking to leave, don’t let someone convince you stay, go it’s in your best interest to, don’t make the mistake and listen to the person, you’ll regret it in the end. When I offered to help the devs with some things because of the lack of things with the game, the more I was in game and seen things, I had a file ready to go to them, instead I just deleted it. I figured why should I give any help to the game when people can’t respect one another in there, it just wasn’t worth my time. For $20, $30 for beta testing a month, $60 for 6 months or $92 for the year, it’s really not worth the investment. There are still too many glitches to make it worth it, while things take time, there is far too much that things have not been paid attention to and need to be addressed.

    If you do decide to join, use caution, watch who you talk to, not everyone is what they seem, you learn that quickly. Just sit back and watch what happens then go from there.

    All the while you have forum Moderators that abuse their power and look up people to see who they are under a new avi, make or remove posts that some make because others don’t agree with it. Like the above post was made in the topic I Love 3DXChat and was removed because it was honest. Also you have Users that have a way to see other Users IP addresses and rarely do anything about it or only disable them for a bit but the damage is done, who knows what they tell to others, I mean you have three avis not all abuse having them. When contacted to report the issues you two Administrators that barely read the messages sent to them or respond, so when contacting their “so-called” support you’re lucky if you get a response when you’re reporting anything that is of a serious nature.

  5. Wow, somebody had a bitter experience… I’ve been a member there for almost 5 years now. And yes, in the beginning it was hell… groups of guys running around from room to room, stopping only to find a victim for their never ending circle jerk. And yes, lots of insecure people who don’t know how to act or talk in public… still get those occasionally… but then so does RLC, Second Life, Eros Island, Secret City… etc. They all do. As for the bugs, most of them have been worked out. I’m not gonna say that it could give RLC or Second Life a good hard run for their money because they can’t. But on the other hand they are still young compared to the giants. Yes sometimes getting the promised monthly update that is supposed to have new addons as well comes in a little behind schedule, but when your entire development team consists of two people and two people only, well, patience comes to mind.On the brighter side, they did just release a new world editor for us. So we can build houses, clubs, dungeons, of any size and any design, And we can upload the files to a Mod forum and share them if we so choose to and there are a large number of builders that do so. I also won’t hide the fact that World Chat can get rather nasty sometimes, but you know, I was also a member of Eros Island for 3 years before it got shut down and it had its share of assholes as well. I won’t even go into my experience with RLC or SL.. The point is, they’re everywhere… there’s not a game out there that does’nt have them so. One thing that does differ from the other games out there though is when a rumor regarding what the devs next release is gonna be starts going around ,.. 99% of the time its true… and the current one is they’re going to release a clothing and skin editor for us… So its not nearly as dreary as you’ve made it out there Mar… Things are getting better all the time. And we have tons of friendly people there so don’t pay any attention to Mr. Negativity… The days that he’s described are long gone.

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