Jan 272011

This is 3D virtual sex chat where you can interact with other players real time and be whatever you want. That means so can everyone else. There seems to be an unreasonably high ratio of women to men on here. Just sayin. Start out with chatting, dancing, and various romantic gestures. Sexual interactions range from kissing and touching to orgasms and fisting, plus everything in between with a truckload of positions to choose from. All of this can play out one on one or in a group and there are tons of outfits and body customizations. You can sign up and play the game for free here, as male, female, or shemale.

Try 3D Virtual Sex Chat here

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  15 Responses to “AChat 3D Virtual Sex with Real Partners”

  1. i like this

  2. I am a young man I like the brown girl sexy big boobs and a good ass!!!!

  3. Is it free though?

  4. How do u get it

  5. I want to play online sex game with real partner

  6. Im new looking for a virtual fuck buddy

  7. sounds interesting, although I prefer older women, 40+

  8. Hi

  9. amazing

  10. This game is a total bullshit. It has a very unfriendly community, which consists mostly of whores that demand you to send them gifts (i.e, pay real money) almost for a talk with them and a small bunch of people who are begging the developers to do something with this gifting system since almost 2011 year.

    • The game is what you make it. If you can free your mind, delve into fantasy, control your skepticism and prejudices it can be fun. You can also open your mind to a world of hurt, so don’t go there unless you live for that sort of thing and real world eroticism is non-existent or not an option in your life.

  11. It’s free but they only give u 1000 credits to start u use those really quick. U pretty much need to pay for more positions, clothes, toys, they should let you earn them somehow or when you share from a partner you get to keep so it gets pretty expensive but it def would be an awesome game if it you weren’t so limited without paying

  12. Free but very unfair to the Gay community, enjoy the fake Dom males though

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