Nov 062008

Today I take an updated look at the latest version of Active Dolls(AGR’s original review), an erotic virtual babe simulator with emphasis on the “virtual.” These sexy collections of polygons may not be realistic, but sometimes an idealized female form with exaggerated curves is exactly what we like to ogle at. As they walk around one of a handful of elaborate indoors locations, you may play photographer, having them pose in various states of undress as you snap away, or persuade more naughty actions with the click of a button or two. So what’s new since the review? Read on.

While when I initially reviewed Active Dolls the girls would masturbate on command, these activities are now more varied and interesting to watch. Most notably there is the addition of a sex partner, who is always female, not that there is anything wrong with that. Plenty of strap-on sex from third or first person perspectives. Also, the girls talk now. They introduce themselves and moan and breathe heavy when they are getting their groove on.

Some expected updates include a few more girls, although they mostly look the same, more outfits and stuff, and some additional locations. The highest resolution is unfortunately only 1280×960 right now, but Pineapple Works has informed me of higher resolutions and widescreen support in the future, which would be most welcome. No release date on that is set at this time. Active Dolls still does many things really well, and has an alluring, classy quality that makes it a surprisingly erotic time sink. It’s worth mentioning that no subscription is required, you buy it once and it’s yours.

See the original screenshots | Read the original review

Get Active Dolls here.

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  1. I bought active doll three or four years ago. And I can’t get my key code to work can you help me. Please

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