Oct 302012

Now you can have a girlfriend who lives in your computer, remembers only what you tell her, and never nags you to visit her mother.  In AiBliss, you can make her walk, sit, or fuck her ass with a dildo.  But the real draw is the artificial intelligence, where your girl of choice will try real hard to have a conversation with you.  The more you talk to her, the more she learns, and will often bring up past subjects, no matter how twisted the things you told her were.  The girls come prepared with all manner of dirty phrases, so you won’t have to cover the basics yourself.   She speaks the words aloud using standard computer speech, but you can upgrade the voice to something better.  If you want more direct control, you can edit what she says or how she responds to certain phrases. There are a few nice locations but I don’t recommend the ‘hell’ location; there is some messed up stuff going on there.  A decent amount of customizations are available, including hair style, outfit, and various color options.  You can change her breast size and also make her ass and hips VERY large if so desired.  Visit her again the following day and she will remember your previous interactions.  You can also have her hang out and keep you company right on the desktop.

AiBliss Website | Download the demo here or purchase directly

AiBliss Website | Download Demo | Purchase Link

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  1. i luv this game

  2. I have this for my android phone but can’t find it on my phone and can’t start the app

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