Oct 082009

If you’ve ever nursed a lingering desire for your teacher – or your teacher, her lascivious colleague and your cuter than cute classmate all in one indulgent semester – Amorous Professor Cherry is definitely worth a look.

Essentially an interactive story, APC takes you through the overwhelmingly good fortune of a horny high-school student indulging in sex sessions with his virginal but adventurous social sciences teacher to help him ‘concentrate in class’. The occasional sex-lesson with her more experienced colleague Mamiko, and dalliances with classmate Kiyoka, lead the young man on the threefold path to sexual and romantic awakening. True, by ‘interactive’, I mean clicking your mouse to proceed through dialogue, images, and the occasional animation. But hey, that’s pretty standard in this genre. In terms of story, it’s very much on the cute, romantic side of hentai, and the development of characters’ emotional relationships with one another is as much a part of dialogue as getting down to business. The script is well translated for the most part, and offers you perspectives from each of the characters as the story proceeds. On top of this, you’ll find full and well-produced speech and sound effects throughout, although these are in the original Japanese.

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