Sep 292014

Virtual strippers attempt to dance in time to whatever music you’re playing on your computer. The program detects the tempo of the song and a scantily clad or naked 3D female shakes her money maker on a virtual dance floor. The BPM isn’t always detected correctly, but the girl appears to be dancing to whatever you’re playing regardless, in that way that a hot girl can dance badly and still look good. Motion capture dance moves result in fluid animations. There’s also a rhythm game included, where you keypress appropriately as the arrows go whizzing by, but they don’t often line up with the music in any real rhythmic sense. Customizations include the usual in terms of clothing, underwear, or nudity, as well as nipple and tit adjustments, hair style and color, shaved pussy or bush, tattoos, make up, etc. Other visuals can be adjusted including the dance floor, lighting, and swirly effects around her gyrations. Worth having if you want a sexy naked 3D girl dancing to your playlist. And it’s free to play.  Download 3D GoGo 2 here.

Get 3D GoGo 2 for free here.

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Sep 242014

VirtualFem Autumn 2014The latest females to grace the venerable POV porn experience known as VirtualFem are likely to have a two for one deal for you.  If you’d like to sit back and watch the foreplay instead of having to do it yourself, your virtual girlfriend will get in the mood with her real girlfriend.  In the case of Jenna Presley, both ladies are already there pretending you don’t exist and loving each other long time.  With Penny Flame, you should tell her to phone her girlfriend to see some lesbian action.  You have to phrase it the way the AI expects, so do yourself a favor and click the magnifying glass icon in the left corner for hints.  And finally, the always appreciated cheerleader fantasy springs to life with Amber Rayne.  See screens of all below.

VirtualFem Website

Jenna Presley

Download here.

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Sep 032014

Kari 4 ProIf you don’t have high expectations, you will be slightly amazed from time to time by this AI love and sex simulator. You can jump around to any scene, and Kari will speak to you and learn from your phrases. The more you chat with her, the more she will get molded to your liking, and sexual preferences. Or any ideas you want to fill her head with, sexual or otherwise. Some of the images are subtly animated, and many feature nudity or sexual contact between a couple. In some cases she may go from bikini clad to naked. But mostly the images are still with lip syncing to her voice, and a little facial expression. She speaks a standard speech sound that comes with your computer but you may upgrade to something better at their website. The Ultimate expansion adds many more females and images, some quite hot looking, and others fall into various bizarre fantasies, as well as quite a few that appear to be real photos requested to be turned into virtual AI lovers. You communicate with the same AI even as you cycle through images of various girls. It’s like having the same girlfriend whose looks you can change at will. You can let her learn from you, and edit how she replies, depending on how behind the scenes you want to get. You can even have her read the current news to you. Click continue to see screenshots.

You may also be interested in AIBliss.

Kari 4 Website | Download Kari 4 Pro free here

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Aug 212014

Life Selector

Check out this interactive trailer for previews of the many playable and explicit stories featuring live models and branching choices. Use the arrows on the sides to scroll through the various porn games available in Life Selector, and then hit the play button. All games can be started for free. See all games here.

Screenshots below the interactive trailer are from the newly released A Day with Dillion, a girlfriend experience, which you can sample for free here.
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Aug 132014

Inked RavensInked Ravens | 4/5
Juicy 3D / Ripened Peach

I’d rather not spend hours customizing my virtual playmates and fine tuning every little aspect of their physical attributes. There are other games for that. In Inked Ravens, you are presented with two naked models, a guy and a girl, and two randomize buttons that you can mash endlessly until you like what you see. And if you like tattoos, piercings, and punk hairstyles, then this game is for you. Each time you choose to randomize, your character of choice will cycle through an endless combination of facial and body piercings (or sometimes none at all), tattoos (or sometimes little to none), makeup, body weight, boob size, nipple types, and general looks. If you want an alternative appearance front and center in your sex game, then you will like Inked Ravens.

Inked Ravens Website | Download the demo | Purchase

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Jul 102014

The creators of 3DSexvilla 2 and other similar erotic simulations bring you Chathouse 3D, an online sex game for real people to interact with each other in an explicit, virtual environment.  The already full featured and highly customizable 3D porn experience found in their current games is now available to their existing user base and anyone who would like to check it out for free.

Download Chathouse 3D for free

More info about Chathouse 3D here

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Jul 062014

Neighborhood of Love and HateThe next game in the works from AGR Games is called Neighborhood of Love and Hate. There are a handful of stats you choose at the beginning of the game that may or may not allow certain paths through the game. There is a basic inventory plus cash. The game is open ended and the five locations can be explored in any order (the mansion will be available as a separate game later on.), and some situations can be solved in multiple ways. There are eight girls to hook up with, including several characters from previous games and movies.  I still have one more house to finish up, and technical fixes, beta testing, and preparation for release. Which will be when it’s finished.

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May 302014

High Stakes Blackjack with Jessenia |

Play traditional blackjack in a non traditional setting in High Stakes Blackjack with Jessenia. Here you play against the well endowed Jessenia, a 3D rendered vixen created by artist Gazukull. Losing doesn’t just mean you’re out of cash and don’t get to see the goods; it also means certain death. You see, Jessenia doesn’t just have huge tits, she’s also a vampire. I think. But if you make smart bets and know when to hit, you can progress through images of her stripping. You may need some patience here; she starts with jewelry. However if you’re impatient, there’s an easy to find cheat to get to the dirty parts.

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May 272014

Here are two recent VirtualFem additions, ready to suck you, fuck you, and maybe even let you watch them eat dinner. Now that’s hot. Typing what you want them to do, or using a microphone to speak your commands if you’re so inclined, will occasionally produce the results you want. Sometimes they will change their outfit and give you a strip show, but mostly your go to phrases involve putting your dizzle in all her hizoles. Although putting it that way won’t get you anywhere. You know what to say; the stuff you want to say to your girlfriend or wife or blow up doll using as few syllables as possible and then having the action happen immediately. Now why don’t you just go ahead and get VirtualFem here. See screenshots below of Aaralyn Barra followed by Crissy Cums.

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Mar 272014

Monika Pays OffConvince Monika that she owes you something and then she will have no choice but to make you happy in this free flash sex game from AGR Games. Once Monika pays off she will be ready to take things even further with another girl, if you play your cards right.

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Mar 182014

Since my original posting on 3DXChat being released at the end of 2012, the folks at Sex Game Devil have continued to supplement and update content for a burgeoning online community. Expanding upon a simple apartment premise and a handful of sex positions, this multiplayer sex game now includes various locations, outfits, positions, and social interactions. Lesbian and gay couplings are now possible, along with BDSM scenes. There is also support for USB sex toys along with the Occulus Rift. View the screenshots below (continued after the jump) to see everything added throughout 2013 to now, in order of release.

Learn more about the online virtual sex game 3DXChat here.

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