Oct 252012

Essentially an interactive image gallery, Ayako Sex Addiction is nonetheless some of the most stunning 3D erotica I have come across. A story of an explosive sexual encounter puts you in the perspective of Ayako’s well endowed lover, to experience her voluptuous body firsthand. Every action is explicit to the max as sex, blowjobs, tit fucking, a foot job, and anal each get explored in high visual detail. Cum shots are frequent and always take Ayako by surprise with their intensity. There are several quick slideshows that play out to form semi-animated scenes and are effective. The sound consists of her erotic moanings, and can be adjusted on the fly to sound progressively more orgasmic. Features hundreds of images including bonus scenarios.

There are more scenarios planned from this developer, including upcoming releases that will feature more interactivity.

Get Ayako Sex Addiction at the Affect 3D website

Download Ayako Sex Addiction and more at the Affect 3D website

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  1. i love it

  2. muito bom

  3. so hot

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