Jan 312011

The creators of BoneTown sex games are taking on a certain little multiplayer fantasy game in an upcoming release called BoneCraft. While I’m pretty sure that it’s going to be single player only, it does appear to be a completely irreverent parody of fantasy and sci-fi roleplaying games. And I have to say it’s high time we had a game that has elf prostitutes and horny orcs, as the press release boasts. RPGs have been known to feature some mild sex scenes, hookers, and even some nudity, although the last usually only found in game versions released outside of the US. But a fantasy sex game? Unheard of at this level of explicitness without mods. Don’t expect a serious story, this is a much needed parody of the genre, probably with some light RPG elements, and a healthy dose of full blown sex. To be released later this year. Trailer below.

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