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In Digamour, from the makers of (3D Plaything), you’re dropped into an empty futuristic Paris as a mostly naked girl. You may wander about with complete freedom, so much so that you can actually walk on air. Movement is done with the arrow keys. If you prefer WASD movement, you may do so minus the walking animation as she slides along like a mannequin. There’s little to do except collect coins and enter various sex scenes by bumping into green icons. Once in a scene the gameplay is very much like 3D Plaything, only now there’s a little challenge. You have to get the characters off by hitting the up arrow to time a ball hitting the sweet spot on a circle that appears below the action. The problem is that your eyeballs are on the ball and the circle not the two naked people fucking. Maybe they should have put the minigame on her pussy. Do this right enough times and eventually you win the scene and are rewarded with an explosive cumshot to the girl’s face. This part of the game is ok and there are various positions to choose from but the blowjob animation is out of sync.

The object of the sex scenes is to advance your character’s level through experience and earn cash for upgrades. When I first loaded up the game I went into the body shop to customize my girl. Without cash I realized I couldn’t do much. Once I had cash I jumped back into the body shop and realized I still couldn’t do much. Back in the world I careened over to a kiosk that sells the upgrades. I saw five levels of tits labeled by bra size, yet all showed the exact same picture. All were astronomically expensive, and the larger the size the larger the wallet required to make the purchase. Not every kiosk sells every upgrade and they aren’t labeled so it’s a guessing game as to what you’re going to get. The next kiosk I found had a few hairstyles. They were $30,000 each. Does this haircut come with a Lexus?

It takes a while to earn a respectable amount of cash. So to purchase upgrades, you have to keep doing sex scenes repeatedly with a girl with hair painted on to her head that you can’t actually watch because you’re focusing on a ball in a circle. The hairstyles at least should be dirt cheap, after all the skin and eye colors are free adjustments. I would suggest stick with the tried and true 3D Plaything where you can get to the good stuff without the superficial video game elements. They may have released updates to Digamour, which is a good thing because there is plenty of room for improvement.

Feel free to give it a try. You may like the futuristic setting and the robot/alien sex partners.

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  1. i love digamour game, it is lovely sexy game.

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