Sep 112008

Dreamstripper Perfection [Discontinued] has been released, the latest in the virtual stripper experience that has gone through several iterations already. The Dreamstripper series has previously focused on one or a handful of the hottest, most realistic looking females gyrating, grinding, and pole dancing on a private stage on your monitor screen, with some adjustable options like outfits and make up. Mostly this realism came at the expense of customization. Dreamstripper Perfection aims to change this by providing sliders to adjust your stripper’s body parts. Changing boob size may not be anything revolutionary, but being able to adjust nipples and areolas? Yeah, that’s the stuff… I haven’t seen this before and it is a most welcome addition indeed. Now give me those pancake areolas and big toe nips!

Comes with three sexy dancers, multiple improvements to graphics and the engine, and a bunch of other stuff.  [Discontinued]

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  1. very good quality game

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