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Dreamstripper Pro 3.5 out of 5 blue balls 3.5/5

Ensign Games | July 2006

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These days hot virtual girls are a dime a dozen. This is because for most of us, reality doesn’t reflect the same promise. With today’s graphics technology putting motion-captured realistic virtual women in the hands of horny developers everywhere, the temptation to create a more interactive, more voluptuous, more real looking collection of female polygons and textures is too great. But not every one is a winner. I was thinking I should review some of the less compelling offerings that come across my virtual desk just to show some perspective. But not today. I’m happy to say that DreamStripper has a lot going for it. And here you were probably thinking I didn’t like it.

DreamStripper screens

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The first thing anyone with a pulse will notice when starting DreamStripper, is how much like a real woman the stripper appears. Her face conveys personality with luscious lips, amorous eyes that follow your position, and hair that moves realistically. She also has a make-up commercial smile. She reminds me of Natalie Portman. See her in Closer, and you’ll get my drift.

Her body is voluptuous and sexy. Large (but not over the top) breasts that have a very natural teardrop shape and delicious looking nipples. They are the most realistic looking breasts in anything I’ve reviewed to date. Even titles with real women. Have you been to a strip club lately? All silicone and no jiggle. This virtual stripper has some serious jiggle going on, and it looks nice indeed. Zoom in close enough to a clothing challenged area of her body, and you’ll see skin that looks more perfect than any woman’s in the real world. But it’s not just that, her skin looks downright human. I mean you can see pores.

The shadows and lighting look fantastic. Her movements are natural and varied, and must be motion captured. You can tell her what to do on stage from a long menu of moves and positions, and if you wait too long, she’ll get bored and start without you. There are three flavors of DreamStripper. In the original one, DreamStripper the Game, there is some kind of game involving ‘stripper time’ and money but I couldn’t figure it out. It’s simple to increase stripper time by tapping the button a bunch and then you can change outfits or get her naked. In the Professional version, the resolution increases from the fixed 1024×768 of the original to 1600×1200, or widescreen (up to 1920×1200) if you have it, which is a nice feature. The screenshots for Professional are all widescreen. In addition to sharper graphics, there are more outfits to choose from, as well as adjustable lipstick, hair color, tattoos, and lighting. There is also a slider for oiling her up, which was an on/off switch in DS The Game.

The original has a feature that locks the camera on to the stripper, making it easier to watch and interact. For some reason the same button in the Pro version creates a screenshot instead, removing a very useful feature.

The third flavor is a screensaver. For all you married men who are looking for a new argument starter, install that.

These are low frills, high quality, virtual stripper simulations. There’s only one stripper, but she’s got style. Dreamstripper, Professional, and Dreamsaver and inexpensive and recommended.

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