Nov 262013

Be the doctor who fulfills his ultimate fantasy, taking advantage of a demure young female patient, and maybe your favorite nurse as well. Created in collaboration by AGR Games and Leonizer.


  4 Responses to “Exposing Sexy Alicia”

  1. Are there actually any options or just a series of “Right, continue” and “Wrong, stop here” things?
    Usually your games have at least a modicum of variation, and i think this is one of the worse ones you have released. Got it on the first try, no real need to experiment, and subsequent playthroughs with different options reveal only bad ends and no real choice.

    • Also, why can’t i go back to picture selection after choosing one? Do i really need ot beat the game the same way multiple times just to glance at the pics they give you for beating the game?

  2. This looks good

  3. Looks like a good game. Do I get to play with all of these Games?

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