Sep 282012

Play this free sex game from AGR Games and see if you can get lucky with your hot young boss named Amber. Maybe you can become the boss of her.

  42 Responses to “Exposing Sexy Amber”

  1. Can i fuck Beth ?

  2. Is there a way to succeed without the blackmail photos?

    • There are nicer ways, but you still have to take the photos. If it’s not nice enough, that’s just the kind of game it is 😉

  3. Liked the game, Amber is a little chubby but still I loved fucking her !

  4. games are great but i wish they were released faster

  5. Nice one, well done. These games you make are really great. Keep up the excellent work. Im looking forward for the next one.

    Btw im CEO-material ^^

  6. What is the start path for the good ending? I can’t seem to ever get to fuck Amber and I have tried quite a few paths, just haven’t found the right one

  7. Is there any opportunity to get her ass?

  8. Anyone have more of this girl Amber?

  9. great one. Wont mind paying(reasonable!?) for quicker releases. When the cats gone away the mouse gotta play.

    • That’s good to know. What kind of system would work best? Monthly fee/release?

      • I love the game! all the games! specially sexy mina.

        Best system? i would pay 2€ for each release. I know its not too much, but im a deffender of the lots of small payments instead of the few expensive ones…

  10. Great game, but I cannot get past her getting nude and touching herself. I read both emails, push the door open twice, return to the room, but she always shuts me down with either she will have sex with me another time or that she will fire me if I show the pics….. what am I missing?

  11. is it just me? i can not play this game, all i see is the description and the image, no play anything, and if i click the image, i refresh the page? can i get some? havnt had this on your other awesome games

  12. Thank you!!! I’ve been awaiting this game’s release since Whitney… well worth the wait!

    I’ve now had every job from the mail room to CEO!


  14. Fucked her! Nice game!! I’m waiting for more…

  15. how do I fuck her?

  16. Raziel says:
    10/05/2012 at 6:20 am

    how do I fuck her?

    ^^^^^ YEAH, THATS WHAT “”ALL OF US”” want to know…

  17. Exposing Sexy Amber Walkthru


  18. good game

  19. great games,
    i wish we dont wait so long to make them happen
    i expect new one soon 😉
    good job

  20. I made her fucked me and fucked her doggy, and got a score 141.
    I am a totally winner.
    What a good game! I love the expose serious games so much.
    Please make more!

  21. apparently this game has been changed from when the walk through and everything else came out because i have followed the walk through step by step and when i get up to the part where i make her suck my dick. that’s all there is after clicking “next” 4 times she says ok i sucked your cock and i am not going anything else. than the scene goes to the hallway. I have tried every combination and get the same ending every time.

    • The walkthrough didnt take me to CEO on the second day of the walkthrough instead of telling her she was my slave i said i would delete the pics. doing that got me to CEO and all the sex and cum shot with her.

  22. Im following the walkthrough, but cant go to day 2 (the game ends with 33 points). Can anyone help, how can i go to day 2?

  23. i can’t play this game and i dont know why. Every time i clik new game, the game screen turn black and nothing happen … Someone know how to fix that. (my flash player is updated and i have try with internet explorer and firefox).

  24. What is this girls name? Is she in any videos?

  25. If you are thinking of making games like this make them apps for android and a bit longer that is a brilliant game.

  26. how the hell do you play

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