Oct 122011

Here is the flash version of the free sex game Exposing Sexy Mina, which you may have seen on various other sites.  It will run more quickly, but it does not have the videos in the originally released HTML version.  I’m including it for sake of completeness and also to test it out here on this swanky new version of AGR.  And if you don’t know what the hell I’m talking about then welcome to the site!

If you’d like to play the original, then you can find it in the same free sex games section.



If you want to see a lot MORE of Mina, look at this post. And also Mina is a VirtuaGirl! She will strip on your desktop! Here is the direct link to her and you can see some pics below.

  9 Responses to “Exposing Sexy Mina Flash version”

  1. its a nice game hoping that you make a part two

  2. please make part two i love love part one

  3. very … very good, please make part two

  4. Great game, does anyone know if there is a part two coming soon.

    • there is no part two planned. there is another version on this site however that has more content

  5. Does anybody knows her name??



    Exposing Sexy Mina Walkthru

    all you ppl gotta do is just GOOGLE this shit… lolz…

    I also left a link for THE WALKTHRU for exposing sexy amber…on the amber page

  7. Hi Mina, come on in.
    Are you going to shut the door?
    Tell her a joke to smooth things over.
    Mina, I would like to talk about the future with use at Amorous Airlines.
    I will require you to perform certain duties as my stewardess.
    I need a stewardess who is prepared to go the extra mile. No pun intended.
    Mina, please turn around while I am talking to you.
    Stick your ass out further, Mina.
    I’m still not convinced that you are the right person for this job
    Lift your dress up higher, Mina. I need to examine your panties… to make sure they are proper issue for Amorous Airlines.
    That is high enough, Mina. I need to ask you a few questions now.
    Would you like a drink?
    Good girl. Now back to the questions.
    I noticed on your resume that you moved overseas right after you stopped working for your previous employer.
    Lift your dress back up immediately, Mina.
    Just tell me what you did, Mina.
    Well shiver me timbers. What does that mean anyways?
    Wow. That’s… very informative. Anyways… You’re in big trouble young lady.
    Mina, I’m going to have to report this.
    To your mom.
    I will tell her. I’ll call her right now.
    I do know your mom.
    Put your hand in your panties.
    Sit down over there and await instructions.
    Spread your legs, I hope your panties cover your pussy properly for this job, Mina.
    You’re damn right I’m using you, now take off that dress!
    Lean to your side.
    All my stewardesses have a pleasing body shape and that’s part of running an effective flight.
    Mina, I don’t want to put you in this position, but we’ve cum this far, and I think you want to do it.
    You bet
    Rub your pussy in your panties, mina.
    Sure you do. You can decide how you want to please me.
    Very well.
    Take off your panties
    Bend over.
    Now take off your panties completely.
    Show me your pussy.
    Now bend over all the way and show me everything, Miss Mina.
    I will have you arrested and deported, bitch.
    Good girl. Now take off your stockings.
    Spread your legs and expose your pussy to me.
    Put your legs up in the air.
    Yes, grab your ankles, Mina.
    Spread your pussy lips.
    I know you are.
    Then make yourself cum.
    Go get it.
    Stick it between your big tits.
    Now put the dildo in your pussy.
    Put it in slowly, not so fast.
    Suck that dildo clean now that it’s been in your pussy
    How did that taste, Mina?
    Turn around.
    Put it in from behind.
    Show me your asshole while you do that.

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