Aug 112011

Another AGR original, this free sex game features a real female who you attempt to take advantage of. She’s a new stewardess and you’re the captain. Have fun, captain.

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If you want to see a lot MORE of Mina, look at this post. And also Mina is a VirtuaGirl! She will strip on your desktop! Here is the direct link to her and you can see some pics below.

  70 Responses to “Exposing Sexy Mina”

  1. Does anyone know who this girl is, or from what photo set/scene it's from???

  2. ive only got 2 words for you guys seriously epic. Great work i love it!
    to be honest the best thing about this page have always been your own games the first one was good and the second really great i played it dozens of times but this one is just top notch. Mad props!

  3. Thanks! Glad you like it, working on more!

    • are u maker of this game if u are then u should make a game of mina that u can write down what u want her to do but u have to start from beggining again

  4. great game..

    Fabolous..waiting for other πŸ˜‰

  5. Fantastic girl!!

  6. whos this girl !!!!

  7. i think i kust fell in love lol just joking awsome sex game tho

  8. Dude some of the vids not loading T.T she so hot man!!!

  9. I can’t say anything…just so so HOT

  10. Great game and even better could be to create second part of the game where captain call again Mina and another new sexy assistant and let’s them have some fun together!!


  11. awesome game very real like
    mina is fantastic suggestions : 1)order mina to do sexy striptease 2) order mina to give a blow job
    3) have mina ask for ass fucking/fist fucking

  12. wouldnt mind meeting here and do my own show…

  13. woah lov this game.. so hot

  14. The best game I have ever seen

  15. I GOT 110 point !

  16. awesomegameMinaissooohot

  17. can’y you fuck her? i really wanted the game to have some video of that. SHES SMOKING

  18. The only thing missing from this games is some anal action. Also some real sex scenes would be nice too cuz this chick is smokin hot

  19. really nice gameplay, and i liked the video bits

  20. I, captain Zara, got 84 :))

  21. I get 100!!!!

  22. she have webside?
    i love to own her pic and video!!!

  23. i wanna fuck her for real

  24. it was fun

  25. She is just really really really pretty!



  26. really good game… good work!

  27. This game is awesome, she sucked a dildo, fucked herself and striped completley naked for her captain.

  28. the game stopped working it just comes up with “Table ‘sessions’ is marked as crashed and should be repaired”

  29. This female is soooo damn hot, where can i find her and who knows her name?

  30. Muze….u REALLY need to produce more jst like this one with similar hot ass females like Mina. Once again……….DAMN SHES IRRESISTABLE!

  31. hey ese juego esta bien bueno porque no suben mas como esos. al que creo este juego le doy 10 de 10 XD

  32. She goes by Connie Carter or Connie Dior. Hope I could help….

  33. Fantastic game. Mina is so freaking hot!!!

  34. Looks to be a very innovative design concept.

    If I have it right, the game right to the solo video from the site were licensed and the game created for the visual elements from that video.
    Congratulations on the idea, execution and finding such an excellent video source. Very innovative and well done.

    The visual elements would them be captured frames for stills and several video clips for the actions segments. If true the game flow is limited to parts of the video that were already existed.
    The skill and genius of this game is the story line and options and dialog for a non linear game that were after imagined after the fact created from a linear video.
    This concept of using a and existing video is excellent but request for scenes or elements after the fact are exceedingly problematic.

    And a request to script out and have a video shot to fit a story board would undoubted be prohibitively expensive.

    • Thanks for all your comments.

      However I purchased the content from a provider, in the form of actual photographed shots and corresponding video clips, which other sites may have done as well (it’s not an exclusive license). I believe 18andbusty has their own content of the same model.

  35. Mina is very hot! I want her to be my girlfriend. Nice game!

  36. My dick got so hard.Wish i was the guy in the film

  37. Awesome game. took a couple of tries to get to the great ending, but well worth playing.

  38. awsome game id like to take thoes clothes off myself insted of her

  39. what a sexy **** girl

  40. Is there any walk through to this game?

  41. This is what you did right
    You yelled at her early | +1
    You threatened to have her arrested and she complied with your demands you dirty pig you! | +12
    You were jerky | +2
    You got Mina completely naked. | +20
    she sucked the dildo for you | +3
    You don’t like dildos. | +0
    You got her to stick the dildo in her ass. | +18
    You Won! | +40
    She sucked the dildo after it was in her pussy | +11
    Your total score is: 107
    five stars – You’re a champ!


  42. Hey, The flash for this game isn’t working. Any plans for fixing? Kind of doesn’t work when there are no videos πŸ™

  43. I Got A Score. Of 88 And One Finished

  44. So is this game ever gonna get fixed??

    • Not likely, with flash completely depreciated from browsers. Safe to say the game was never broken and still isn’t technically.

      • So what’s the problem? Flash programming?

        • Flash has been killed by modern browsers, started by Google pushing it away quite some time ago.

          I think if you have flash forced to work in yoour browser these older games still work? i.e. with an addon or download an archived older browser version

  45. Any chance for the flash file to be put available for download so people can still run the game in an old flash player if they wish?

  46. Will you release the HTML version of it so we can download it ?
    I know i can play the flash version, but the HTML one you made has the videos

    • THat’s true, I’ll have to dig it up and post that one instead. And unfortunately a bunch of flash games I made are stuck in the water now, so the html will have the vids and it will work without all the workarounds you need to get flash going.

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