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Discovering an attractive young woman unconscious in a dark alley, disenfranchised orphan Tsukasa decides to lend a hand. The young girl, a duped immigrant who has fled her deceivers, quickly develops a close friendship with her rescuer. Before long, they encounter other people — mostly female — who have fallen on hard times and the group decide to live together, acting as a family for the sake of appearances, and helping each other deal with life and their collection of troubled pasts.

As far as Hentai games go, this one is very soft. While there are of course graphic scenes of sex, these are infrequent and brief. The mainstay of the story tackles the day to day life of each of the characters, their interactions with one another, and gradually exposes their respective pasts. If you’re looking for something really steamy this is probably not the game for you. Playing the game is very much a process of clicking through narrative, and watching the scene change as different things occur, as those used to games of this ilk will be well aware.

The story is certainly engrossing, and for a game of this kind, quite imaginative. The characters are vivid, varied and engaging, even if their graphic depictions are not as sexy as one might expect, and if their tendencies to titillate rarely wander beyond vague implication. There is certainly a keen emotional component to this game, and the player-character’s own past and identity strongly informs this during play. A compelling story for those looking for some light-hearted and occasionally gently sexual narrative.

[Written by Teamwin]

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