Aug 152009

This is one my favorites. If you’ve ever wanted to take out your frustrations on that tech help lady who was a perfect bitch, then now is your chance. Created by Morphy or Moses and originally posted to a now defunct Yahoo group. Great ENF! Enjoy.

Click on things in a way that makes sense.

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  13 Responses to “Forced Strip – Up The Wahzoo”

  1. fanfriggintastic!!!

  2. It is a really cool game!! Very sexy! Super!!!

  3. very nice game

  4. Love this game, any news on a sequel?

  5. The meticulous control that the user has is very arousing. Dominating a sexy young woman is great!

  6. I laughed my ass off on this one, just amazing!

  7. this is bullshit

  8. funny

  9. What a very cool game but I wish that u could take off her panties and do the frute!

  10. loved it. wish there was a sequel.

  11. Who is the creator.
    The came ROCKS
    would love to see more similar !

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