Oct 262013

Girlfriends4Ever builds upon the astounding and well endowed virtual porn found in Ayako Sex Addiction and ramps up the eroticism and animation to the extreme.  Whereas the last release was mostly still images, this latest is fully and smoothly animated.  Two stunning 3D supermodels flirt briefly as they recall a previous encounter, and then proceed to make each other happy in a most explicit fashion.  That one of the girls has a penis only proves to make things considerably more interesting.  This lady doesn’t just have a cock however, she is sprouting a tree between her legs.  The massive appendage does outrageous things to her sweating and willing friend, and eventually drowns her in love juice.

You may choose any scene at any time, including some extra clips outside of the story, and there is a slider to adjust the speed of the action.  There is a fair amount of quality voice over and moaning.

Two large breasted beautiful women sharing a lesbian experience, and one of them owning a large cock for the other to suck and fuck.  Sounds like the best of both worlds to me.  Such a combination of fantasy elements could never be created before 3D technology made it all possible, with more than a little help from the creator’s obvious skill.

Find out more about Girlfriends4Ever here.

Affect 3D website


Here are detailed specs:  The Sex Player features include: pause/ play, loop angle, loop position, slow motion/ speed up, jump to scene, extra, make your own movie (playlist) and the positions include standing missionary (pussy), overhead blow job, amazon (pussy), anal surprise and hand stand (anal), Tara/ Sayako masterbating, 360 camera, really huge tits, ahegao, no balls futa, 3d vision (anaglyph), xray, nude walk and vascular cock.
Download Girlfriends4Ever Here | Affect 3D website

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