Jul 272016

Girlvania: Summer Lust has been improved in a variety of ways, mainly in terms of visual representation.  You know, graphics.  Fancy things like Ambient Occlusion Shadows and Light Scattering (through skin).  For those in the know, you might already be excited even before seeing their tits.  But all that really matters is everything looks even better and the best interactive lesbian sex game has considerably more detail than before.  Take a look at the before and after, and then feast your eyes on the video to see in action what these visual improvements have done to these highly sexual girl on girl encounters.

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  1. What is this game

  2. amazing, these girls and graphics are hot,made me very hard, but I wish they made a version with men, would be nice to pic a male player, and watch these goddesses ride a mans cock, and be able to fuck them in many poses, and shoot them with cum..very hot graphics,

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