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Girlvania: Summer Lust | 5/5
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As you play Girlvania you slowly unlock more lewd activities for each of the four girls, as well as opening up access to new toys, outfits, jewelry, and locations. This happens through many stages of “education,” which is a simple yet effective game of pleasing her without being too rough, and then making her cum. These stages are broken up into different activities, and once completed you have free access to play with her all you like, using what’s been unlocked so far, until you decide to move on to the next level of her higher learning.

The sex acts available to the player are many and varied, including boob fondling, pussy and asshole fingering, clit stimulation, and fucking with sex toys. You control the speed with your mouse, or set the naughty act to auto. In either case several actions may be carried out simultaneously. For instance stick a lollipop in her asshole and leave it there; fuck her pussy with a banana automatically at a medium pace; put your hands on her tits and rub up and down manually; put a pocket vibe on her clit watching her legs shake; and finally a penis in her mouth. Or a popsicle. All actions occur in concert all over her form, although depending on her body’s position not every sex organ is open for business.

Girlvania Website

What’s even better, you may watch all this happen in up to four different views. Each additional view adds an extra picture-in-picture window and can be interacted with just the same. Adjust each to the angle and zoom of your liking, and rub or penetrate the desired body parts from any view. This includes setting the camera to any of the girls’ point of view.

As I played the game I wanted to unlock more erotic experiences by continuing their (my?) education, bringing the girls to realistic looking and sounding orgasms. Breathy moans, sexy little filthy comments, and great explicit animations really bring the sexual deeds to life. And the variety of said deeds seems endless. They can make out, rub each other, fuck every hole with any finger, hand, or physical object imaginable, go down on each other’s love places, in solo, twosome, and trio configurations. Strapless penises add a dick girl element without being exactly that. Vibrators make their thighs, pussy lips, and ass cheeks shake, and orgasms create minor volcanic convulsions throughout their bodies.

Although the virtual sex games available these days are many and varied, Girlvania still brings something fresh and erotic to the scene, and will appeal to anyone who loves hot, young girls playing together in every sexual way possible.

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  1. Fresh like the commenter said

  2. the best i found in many years. the new version has much better graphics than the posted! <3

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