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Inked RavensInked Ravens | 4/5
Juicy 3D / Ripened Peach

I’d rather not spend hours customizing my virtual playmates and fine tuning every little aspect of their physical attributes. There are other games for that. In Inked Ravens, you are presented with two naked models, a guy and a girl, and two randomize buttons that you can mash endlessly until you like what you see. And if you like tattoos, piercings, and punk hairstyles, then this game is for you. Each time you choose to randomize, your character of choice will cycle through an endless combination of facial and body piercings (or sometimes none at all), tattoos (or sometimes little to none), makeup, body weight, boob size, nipple types, and general looks. If you want an alternative appearance front and center in your sex game, then you will like Inked Ravens.

Inked Ravens Website | Download the demo | Purchase

After you select your two random creations (you can save favorites), they are dropped into a decidedly funky, graffiti adorned warehouse, like the basement of a dark, dingy music club in a city. Sexual positions have names like Bounce House and Like an Animal, and require experimentation to figure out what’s what, although in the spirit of the punk nature of the game, it doesn’t really matter does it?

Movement around the interface is mouse driven and easy. The two strangers get to know each other without hesitation by immediately having sex on their own. However left clicking and moving the mouse around allows both speed and rotation of their lovemaking in a fluid and realistic way. It doesn’t hurt that the animations are natural and effective.

My favorite aspect after the random approach to creation is the sound. The moans are highly realistic, two people in ecstasy, without ever being overbearing or repetitive. It works because the moaning is quiet and breathy and not like a porno wrestling match. And you can adjust the male and female volumes independently. Watch the video to see (and hear) what I mean.

Note that this is a heterosexual, intercourse only game. For example in this current version there are no blowjobs, anal, money shots, or lesbian possibilities. Just straight up fucking. It makes a good couples game, but some may find it lacking without these other activities.

If you like the idea of creating randomized pornpunk fuck buddies that get it on with lively and easily controllable animation as well as decidedly erotic sound, then I recommend Inked Ravens.

Inked Ravens Website | Download the demo | Purchase

Inked Ravens Website | Free demo | Purchase

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  1. So any cum aftereffects?

    • nope I have never played the game but now I wanna cum baby

    • Nope, theres no cum animation, its literally just various different poses with no end. Though the game looks nice, theres little to do…

      • Sounds nice but I think I’ll just stick to Skyrim with its sex mods. At least there you get all the bells & whistles with an actually FULL game attached to it.

        • I have to say, that is one of the best unintentional sex games there is. But the games here will provide more thorough sexual specific mechanics, or focus on certain fetishes.

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