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Life Selector ReviewLife Selector    4.5 out of 5 Blue Balls  

This is uber POV (Point of View) from the viewer’s perspective, with a lot of build-up. Not everyone cares for build-up and the impatient among you may skip any scene to get to the next choice or scene. But for those who like the involvement that these POV stories create, you will appreciate the detailed scenarios and feeling of choice to actually interact with the environment leading up to explicit sex. Given that it’s all live video with real females, your choices will be rather limited, certainly in comparison to a videogame, but it’s impressive what these scenes allow you to do within the obvious limitations.

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There are a ton of shows to choose from, and a wild array of scenarios, including being a slick bartender, a private tutor, teaching an all girl school complete with classroom discipline, office politics, a hostage story, BDSM scenes, and more. This means you can be the superstar character (athlete, rock star, pilot, etc), or the everyday guy like the husband, business man, gardener or pool boy. There are porn stars among the mix of hot women.

During sex scenes there are a number of alternative options. While getting a blow job you may be offered the option to slap her face with your hand or cock, grab her head and fuck her mouth, or deep throat the depraved young lady. If there are two girls, you will often be treated to their fun times with options on how they should proceed, before joining in yourself. During sex, options like spanking, nipple or clit play, pussy to mouth, fingering her asshole, and other more random and unique activities may be available. You want to get a little strange? This game is for you. Every scene with each girl usually ends with a big load all over her face.

The characters all speak English, usually with strong accents.  The narrator, which is to say the guy behind the camera representing you, sounds like a smooth talking Luke Wilson.

This is top class interactive porn. The POV scenes aren’t just limited to sex, but the explicit part of each show always delivers long scenes of hot action that can be adjusted to your liking on the fly.  You won’t find this level of interactive story with real women anywhere else.

If you want to know where to start: The top three POV shows are Adventures of a Gardener, Sorority Secrets, and Fuck that Promotion.  You can try any of the shows out for free and even see some action, and then purchase credits for the explicit scenes you’re interested in.

See ALL the shows here | Tour page


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