Mar 272014

Monika Pays OffConvince Monika that she owes you something and then she will have no choice but to make you happy in this free flash sex game from AGR Games. Once Monika pays off she will be ready to take things even further with another girl, if you play your cards right.

Features Monika Benz and Aleska Diamond. See more of them here

  24 Responses to “Monika Pays Off”

  1. Super!!

  2. The game stuck for me in the part where Monika talks about being hurdle champion at school… Tried reloading, nothing works

  3. I got an 88 not to bad .

  4. WooHoo1 I am a Kingpin! Scored 132.

    Good game with some hot girls.

  5. fabulous!
    mabey mutiple endings batter

  6. I like these kind of games, thanks!

  7. got kingpin 133

  8. someone have walk-through? i can’t get fuck with her

  9. I really love your games, all of them are quick to play and fun to repeat over and over again, even though the correct path can be a bit tricky to find sometimes. And they offer some neat secrets you do not always get even when you are winning.
    I know it takes a lot of work, but if you would make a longer one with more paths to take that would be so awesome.
    The LoP, VDG or Sharks Lagoon games are also very good but I dont like how slow they feel and how late you get to know if you won or failed the game or sometimes are practically unable to really lose the game and instead get a less awesome ending after a full playthrough.
    Keep making your AGR games, they fill a niche and are always a welcome variety!

    • Thanks for your comments, nice to hear. I have a new game on the horizon. Using the Sims 2 for graphics, because it gives me so many options for locations, items, facial expressions, and sex mods. But more importantly a new software tool that allows for a very high amount of paths, an inventory, and a stat system, with lots of replayability. I’ll have a preview online soon.

  10. Lovely game. Would it be possible to convert it to HTML so it will run without Adobe Flash. Plus maybe you can add some video like Sexy Mina HTML. 🙂

  11. Hi i try to play at this game but it doesn’t work for me… It’s black until i clik on “new game” what can i do for that it’s work normally ?

  12. gosh. welcome to the 90s. only diff is this isn’t pixelated. at least the dialog is a little better than your average porn movie, but this isn’t a game, sorry. it’s a bad slideshow.

  13. Will there be a Russian translation?

  14. Is there a way to play this on iPad

  15. 135 first try bitches! I am truly a kingpin 😉

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