Oct 232019

I am nearing completion on a new sex game by AGR Games, once again focusing on a small neighborhood. See the last game I did like this here: Neighborhood of Love and Hate . Where that game used The Sims 2 graphics and sex mods, the NEW game uses The Sims 4, with much improved visuals and much more realistic and varied sex scenes. (Edit Below regarding Beta Testing, Click Continue)

This new Neighborhood game also has about 5 times the content as well, with a whole new cast of characters to interact with. Although don’t expect much deep introspection, it’s about the game and the sandbox and the sex ranging from normal to bonkers.

In this game you will have five main stats to draw from, each from 0 to 5. You may roll your character from the start with points distributed among attributes in my patented S5 system. These attributes are Spells, Strength, Smarts, Style, and Stealth. Additionally there are various perks you may select or pick up throughout gameplay. These stats and perks offer a very different experience as you adjust them each playthrough, with many skill checks in conversations and otherwise. Replaying different approaches will be recommended.

There are many different locations and houses to visit, and currently 8, probably will be 9 women to play with. Each girl has a hidden interest level that will go up or down depending on your choices. Your inventory will be from items you purchase or find, and will often come in handy. You can cast spells if you explore that path, or break into houses with stealth. As you complete sexual conquests, you earn Sex Cards, which can also be spent. There is Day and Night. You may encounter a Nemesis or two that you will have to deal with. And it’s possible there will be murder. But mostly lots of silly conversations, exploration, and pornographic encounters with sexy women.

Technically it’s rather basic. Browsing images to explore the world, with some video clips throughout, audio, and clicking multiple choice options.

The game is free and nearing release.

On a side note, I still plan to create something called The Mansion Expansion for the last Neighborhood game, using the Sims 2 environment one last time, to finalize some story with those characters and also create a short machinima about it and wrap up that little world. It will be tough going back to that simpler look, although I will admit the user created machinima mod tools are way more extensive in The Sims 2, creating facial expressions in particular, among other things. The same results require a bunch of obnoxious gamey trickery in The Sims 4 without any mods to help.

Edit: Some of you are just getting access to the game and not providing feedback. Either not checking in at NewGrounds, or playing the game and splitting. If you want beta access, you need to provide feedback, not here, but through the NewGrounds messaging system or if we are in email contact. If you can satisfy these conditions, please provide your NewGrounds username in the comments here, and create an account there is you don’t already have one, this is the only way to access the game before release (which at that point anyone can play it without a NewGrounds account).

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  1. Mmm, check back on this site after far, far too long away and I’m blessed with the sight of a new game in the works. Hell, not just in the works, but nearing the home stretch as well.
    Can’t wait to try this once it is available; The Neighbourhood has been a favourite of mine for a very long time.

    • Great to hear. I had to take a break since this post but now I’m working on the game again and will release in the coming months. It’s going to be a large game with very many playthrough possibilities.

      • Thought I’d already responded, but apparently I was gravely mistaken.
        Stoked to hear that! Large scale games are brilliant, as it is always a touch disappointing to start a game and not only for it to be over right quick, but for every route but the ideal to be a bad end.

        So yes, it’s fantastic to learn that this game will have a grande depth, and I can’t wait for the final product to come out of beta.

  2. Seeking Beta Testers, add a comment if you think you could be helpful in that way and also get a chance to play the game before everyone else, let me know

  3. Excited to beta test!

  4. I am interested in Beta testing your video game. If you are in need of any lucky subjects to help please consider my request. I have played Sims 1 thru 3 both nodded and vanilla over 3000 hours ( I am estimating here but as a comparison I have played over 3600 hours in vanilla and modded versions of Skyrim). Sims 2 was the first game I used mods with and was my introduction into sex animation mods. I stumbled into it accidentally while searching for a bedroom furniture mod to add to my game and was hooked immediately. Lol. Although I have been away from the Sims for years I continue to play other games on both pc and ps4 and would love to help with testing and provide honest feedback.

    I welcome a reply and will remain hopeful the testing is still open.


    • Hello Kerri, Please provide your NewGrounds username details, I look forward to your feedback.

  5. Would love to beta test! 🙂

  6. Is this game include netorare and cuckold?

  7. I’ve played all of the earlier games you made on this site and as such would love to be able to beta test for you, what kind of feedback are you looking for? More as in bugs or as in feedback on design choices? Either way i’d love to help, my newgrounds is https://matt9989.newgrounds.com/ look forward to hearing from you.

  8. https://kerriazell.newgrounds.com/

  9. Is it too late to beta test because I want to volunteer? https://mikemikedunlap.newgrounds.com/

  10. would love to beta test NG: Thunderhoove

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