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Nemo’s Whores

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Control a creepy bald guy in an oversized submarine complete with marine wildlife lurking just outside the windows. You make him walk over to the girl(s) by clicking anywhere and when he’s close enough a menu of sexual positions pops up. After selecting from a nice array of positions the virtual lovers carry out your chosen sexual act. The sex looks fluid and the girls look hot. Their faces in particular are attractive, not always the easiest feat in a 3D sex game. Their bodies are a little simple looking but still sexy. Breasts heave realistically as their bodies move, although the nipples could be more defined. Moving the camera around is as easy as clicking the mouse and dragging, resulting in perfect 360 range of motion centered on the action, and your scroll wheel zooms in and out effortlessly. Read on below.

Other controls enable four speed settings and a cumshot option, which makes the guy stroke it on her face and tits. This will go on for as long as you like as she gets buried under semen. When you’re ready jump back into a position and she gets right to work with your lovely sperm designs still plastered all over her face and breasts.

There are three rooms to choose from at any time. One room gives you a girl who will take a wine bottle up her twat in addition to the other positions. The third room adds a whole new dimension. Not only are there two girls to have a threesome with in a pool, but one of the girls has a surprise organ. She is sporting a penis. No, not a strap-on; she has a dick. A trouser snake. A pork sword. An everlasting gobstopper. This makes for some great variety of positions and somehow looks more natural than a strap-on especially when the other girl is sucking her friend’s appendage. The extra member also results in a double penetration scene.

For audio the girls moan orgasmically and it doesn’t seem repetitive. There are nice blow job slurping sounds as well.

Nice graphics, excellent interface, and some unique scenarios make a surprisingly sexy erotic game.

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v1.1 released and includes the following new additions:

– A brand new room “Captain’s Cabin” is now available for having sex

– A hot red-hair gorgeous girl is waiting for her captain in the cabin.

– New sex positions are added to all the rooms.

– New introductions showing the girls’ are added.

– The unique “Cam Sex Show” system frees up your hands

– The sound FX were improved (slaps and screams are added).

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