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Night Party shows the potential of freedom and interactivity in the sex game genre by offering more than just controlling virtual porn. Although it is short and somewhat rough around the edges, there is some dirty fun to be had here.

Night Party

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You move about freely in first person and fire up some conversation with any of four scantily clad chicks. Choose from multiple responses to find out what she needs you to do. Then you carry out the required task, and return to meet her approval and get her in the sack. Through basic mouse movement you bring her to orgasm while eliciting nice girlish moans from your willing conquest. Then you’re left alone in the dark room, feeling just a little used. What, no cuddling? No matter, you head back out to the “party” and chat up another babe with the intent to score again.

The best or worst part of the game (depending on your outlook) is the English translation of the text conversations. It’s comically bad. Or strangely charming. Coming from an independent non US developer however, it’s forgivable. The other issue I have is that one of the quests has you play an impossibly hard mini game that requires the reflexes of a Jedi Master. It is referred to as Tetris, but is instead some abomination where you control a growing centipede of tetris type cubes that increases to ludicrous speed with length. If you hit the edge or accidentally steer it back into itself, it’s game over. I didn’t get that close to the 140 points needed to impress the girl into showing me her ‘O’ face and eventually had to give up to save my sanity. I wonder if the mini game is somehow tied to processor speed. Either way, it needs tuning and hopefully a future update will address this. There is another mini game that is much more tolerable. Also the graphics are plenty nice (cute faces and requisite bouncy boobies) but low resolution and basic.

In spite of these drawbacks, I enjoyed many aspects of the game. It is not the first game that combines basic adventure game elements with sex, but I’m always happy to see developers exploring this relatively untouched gameplay style. It’s short but sweet and is recommended to fans of 3D sex games looking for a quick diversion who are willing to put up with a few quirks.

Night Party website | Screenshots | Purchase here

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