Sep 062012

This game is a dating simulation where you go out on the town to attempt to bang chicks. Before hitting up the singles clubs you might want to spend some time at the gym or visit stores for an array of supplies that will aid in sealing the deal. You can play the lottery to win cash to purchase improvements that will boost various stats and provide hotter girls as well as the ability to satisfy them properly. Temporary buffs will make it easier to get things happening in the short run, and a successful score increases your reputation for the long run. When you do get a girl in the sack, you choose from various sexual acts to begin an explicit video which is the representation of said act. Other than these sexual encounters, the rest of the game plays in a static yet engaging fashion as you try out all the ways to improve your inner and outer beauty. While the sex scenes are quite hardcore, they do not seem to be the actual girl you picked up whose face is shown in a thumbnail. That’s a rather large disconnect for me, but not always an issue when most of the scenes focus on the body and the genitals.

Check out NightStud 3 here.

Go get NightStud 3 here.

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  1. woooooooooow

  2. finally something different… very addicting game, i like it!

  3. Pretty nice game. I bought it last week. I was trying to find any forums related to the game but with no luck. Don’t developers want want our feedback??

    • there’s a pretty extensive topic about the game in the sharks lagoon sexy forum, i found it when i was searching for some tips and cheats 🙂

  4. Lets have sex

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