Dec 272011

The latest free adult game from AGR Games puts you in the situation as the friend of a hot schoolgirl. Your goal is to become much more than friends in only a couple days, with the potential for very explicit results and full participation.Β  Have fun.

Please only link to

Here are some free galleries of Whitney:

  127 Responses to “Playing With Whitney”

  1. good

  2. good game

  3. good

  4. Where can I find a link to play the game ?

    • You’re on the link to play the game. Do you have flash? It’s the only way to play it, there are no other links or formats.

  5. I can’t get past Day 2.

  6. Whats the name of the girl in the game?

  7. The game loads, but after clicking “new game” nothing happens…

  8. How do you win the game with the questions she allways gets one right and leaves you with $25 ehrn you need $30 for the vodka?

    • You have to find out about her subjects

      • the key to winning is the high quality vodka

        • yes but to get that vodka you need to ask her what subjects she’s good at, which she is bad at, and which she is REALLY bad at. (If you take the path of the money betting quiz).

          • Well, looks like you can’t get her favourite booze when you play the game. The first four questions should be “[answers removed]”. But then she can answer both fifth questions, leaving you with 25 bucks. You can go on with White Wine though.

          • Look at what you responded to. You have to ask her about her subjects.

          • No you don’t you don’t have to ask her anything. You can simply make her strip by offering to do her homework.

            Here is the method I use for 213 points.

            Spoiler: complete walkthrough for the lazyShow
          • Yes you DO have to ask IF you choose the path that is being asked about (the money betting quiz – you quiz her). I made that clear in one of my comments.

            Or you can choose the other path (she quizes you – no betting) then what you say applies.

            You people realize that when you see a comment by ‘Muze’ – it is the game creator and site owner right….? lol. Think I will find me a plug in that makes that clear or add Admin to my name…

            Anyways thanks for the walkthrough. That must have taken some time with unselectable text in flash.

          • I’m aware there are multiple paths, you told somebody you cannot buy the high quality vodka you have to play the quiz game, which you don’t. I didn’t spend any money until before day two.

          • Is that so? Where did I say that?

            This is my quote

            “yes but to get that vodka you need to ask her what subjects she’s good at, which she is bad at, and which she is REALLY bad at. (If you take the path of the money betting quiz).”

            Notice the IF you take that path. IF. I said it again right above your last comment.

            The OP was wondering why he was stuck with only $25, so he was asking about THAT path.

            I made the game, so do me a favor and stop trying to argue with me about it.

        • Are you joking right now?

          “yes but to get that vodka you need to ask her what subjects she’s good at”

          If you seriously don’t understand that you DO NOT have to take spend money on the quiz to proceed to day two then you should really rewrite the game, because clearly this is a huge flaw you mistaken put there.

          You don’t have to ask her what subject she is good at, you simply answer the question about her breast size then the quiz is over.

          • How many times do I have to tell you IF YOU CHOOSE THAT PATH. There are TWO quizes. If you play the one where you bet money, then yes you have to ask about her subjects. If you play the one you keep bringing up which is not asked about in this thread, then no you don’t even have the OPTION to ask about her subjects because it’s a completely different quiz altogether. I really don’t get how you are completely misunderstanding everything I’ve said but I’m seriously losing patience.

            If people choose the money betting quiz then yea there is a trick to succeeding and I’ve outlined here (about four times now just to you) Is it easier choosing the other quiz where you tell her her tit size, yes, but that’s up to the player to figure out. I’m sure you still don’t get it for some reason, but let it go, there’s just no hope for you. Really.

          • Wow… do you speak english? have you read anything that Muse has said? Obviously both answers are no.

    • no play the game, help her whit study. in the test choose her tits, [answers removed] =)

      225 5 stars

      great game.

    • dont play that flash card game… you have to help her with homework then tell her to strip for you guess her bra size which i a then 30, urwelcome then shell play with herself for you then u will still have 30 dollars left

  9. i won = ] nice

  10. Great game!!!

  11. No matter what combo I go with I always end up with $25

  12. Whats the name of the girl in the game?

  13. Damn, hope someone will post the name of this girl if they ever find it…

  14. i won πŸ˜€ i got 212 score, u dont do the bet, u do the test on her tits [answers removed] then u buy the vodka. there should be videos

  15. Very well done! And what a cute model!

    Just a typo here:
    “I’m happy to see you to.”
    should be
    “I’m happy to see you, too.”

    Thank you!

  16. nice

  17. Lol i been trying to get the game done AND FINALY! 213 lovely girl freat attitude totaly someone i would fuck with

  18. Who is the model pls ID her…

    the game is good fun… very good fun…

  19. i got 5star along with 212 points

  20. best of this type games

  21. good game very hot

  22. very nice game 5 stars πŸ™‚

  23. Yeah baby five stars that was hot

  24. And thanks for adding the Whitney/Martha A galleries! Sweet!

  25. i’ve tried chrome firefox and explorer and it still doesn’t work to me. I’m pretty sure the newest flashplayer version is installed in my computer… could be a problem regarding to security or the firewall? Any piece of advice?

    • oh my bad, you said three browers, I saw Chrome and made an assumption. If you’ve only tried on one computer, I would try a different one, or your mobile.

  26. Your total score is: 213. five stars!

  27. Fucking nice! Thanks for all the hard work Muse.

  28. how I can play this game?

  29. How Can i Physically Fuck That Beauty?

  30. love it she needs bigger boobs

  31. needs to be more games like this

  32. I fucked her I did it πŸ˜€

  33. love the game. whitney is so sexy.

  34. very sexy game

  35. sexy game

  36. 209 ehh

  37. where do u get these pics. they’re so hot

  38. great game, loved the anal part. girls that love anal r so sexy

  39. Score…. 204 πŸ™‚

  40. 209,why lower?I have a nice end.

  41. Name she uses is Zanna on a few sites all the pictures used are from FAQ

    • I don’t know what FAQ is but I purchased the content for use, which is how I also have the 2257 documents, and any other sites that use the pictures have done the same (or were supposed to). They aren’t exclusive, so you may see them elsewhere.

  42. great game I loved every bit of it, the girl was so sexy

  43. great Game. Love the model

  44. Nice Game

  45. its ok

  46. 213 points…5 stars! Banged her like a pro !

  47. i LIKE THIS GAME…….

  48. hot but small tankers…

  49. Such a cutie, make more.

  50. Excellent game! You need more like this! Very hot

  51. the game is ok it makes you want to do it over to figure out the answers

  52. i fucked both her pussy and ass….. i got 128 points

  53. this game was great

  54. very good-I love the pleated skirt on her-oooh!! – haha

  55. 209 Points and 5 Stars!!! And Whitney is absolute sexy, I’ve really, really loved her ass! πŸ˜‰ : )

  56. is there a day 3

  57. i played different levels.. this game is nice… done well…

  58. i’m in love with Whitney my score is 211 & 5 stars & i love this game

  59. perfect

  60. She is sooooo hot

  61. I won 191 points. It was hard to conquer :p

  62. I would have sexual intercourse with witney and get her pregnant if she only had bigger boobs

  63. 4 stars i love doing her in the ass

  64. sexii

  65. Fun game. She sucks at math,psychology and chemistry and she likes good vodka.

  66. Was a bit hard to figure out at first but within 5 times going through it I had it mastered! Excellent Game indeed!

  67. +215 5 stars

  68. kool game

  69. Damn hot! makes me horney.

  70. very cool, sexy, horny and way more game

  71. Great Game

  72. sexy body whittany

  73. Way Cool.Absolutely awesome Body.Will play again.


  75. Hi, Whitney.
    What are you studying?
    Well what is it? DO you need help?
    I can help you with that, it`s easy.
    So let`s go over it together.
    Yeah sure why not?
    What are you going to do for me?
    Strip for me.
    I`ll help you ace your classes so get to it.
    Yeah I can do it, just keep going.
    Test me
    Your tits
    Please do
    Move that pillow
    I think you wanted to do it all along.
    Take off your shoes so you`re completely naked.
    Don`t let me stop you.
    Get a closer look
    Put your face right in her pussy.
    Give her the vibrator.
    It looked good too.
    Sure thing.
    Leave and come back tomorrow.
    High quality codka $29
    Head over to Whitney`s with your vodka.
    I`m happy to see you too.
    Let`s talk
    Tell me babe, what turns you on?
    Come on, loosen up.
    So what`s your favorite thing for a guy to do to you in bed?
    That`s not weird at all.
    Take your clothes off Whitney.
    I`m curious to see what your underwear looks like.
    Pour her another drink
    Grab your cheeks
    Get on your knees on the bed
    Yes I can get on the bed now
    Pull your panties down
    Put a toy in your ass
    Suck my hard cock, baby.
    Lick it first
    Put it in your mouth
    Have sex with her
    Put her against the wall and fuck her from behind.
    Touch her asshole
    I`m touching your asshole
    Put your dick in her ass
    Keep fucking her ass against the wall
    See if she`ll suck it now
    Cum on her face

    • We she says that you can’t handle her in bed, say maybe youare right. You then get to kiss her ass (+2)

  76. is there a site that has more of these games?

    • Thiss site has about 5 or 6 of these games. Click the tag labeled “AGR Games”. I wish they were more constant as these games are not that hard to make, but time consuming, yes.

  77. What is the name this girl/model? She is perfect babe

  78. hey it doest work after i click new game, it puts only a black screen

  79. great game

    scored 213 five stars

  80. i won the game she is very sexy

  81. she so sexy

  82. he should of shot his load up her ass

  83. Love this game

  84. I wanna meet Whitney in person

  85. shes so sexy i really wanna fuck her hardcore her pussy is so sexy mmmm

  86. my cock gets super hard when i play this game

  87. Uber Sexy… I actually prefer small boobs (I’m not gay… I just prefer small boobs)

    The only thing I dislike about these games is the 2 minute load time c.c

    Make moar!!! >:c

  88. i got a 51

  89. her titties arent big

  90. Really nice, Whitney is really beautiful and exciting.
    The game is not to easy to achieve !

  91. It’s not what you’ve got so much as how you use it. Whitney is a very sexy, daring and provocative woman and hot.

  92. the game is challenging which makes it all that much better when you achieve the intended goal to see the sexy and beautiful Whitney naked and seductive.

  93. I want to play it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  94. awesome game really enjoyed it

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