Aug 202010

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Firmly in the real girl category is a new interactive porn game called POV House. Here you choose a hot chick, and then make multiple choice selections to perv your way into her pants. Some have more exposition, to really build up the sexual tension, while others provide more of a straight up porn experience. When there is a “story” involved, the girl will take a while to strip while you choose text responses, usually building into some sort of sexual roleplay. When the action kicks in, it’s very explicit and keeps the control in your hands. Or whichever hand you’ll have free. Before Mr.Penis makes an entry however, she will strip, slowly and sensually, and then spend a good deal of time playing with herself for you. You continue to issue commands for her to remove garments or to do something specific, although much of the time you’re just clicking to resume the same seamless video. After she strips naked and rubs her nipples and pussy, she will often ask to bring her favorite toy into the mix. And by ‘toy’ I don’t mean Legos.

Once she’s all hot and bothered, it’s X Rated time. The scenes are rather typical porn but have the added benefit of being the result of an interactive fantasy, with some themes prevailing throughout. For instance some girls reel you in with the promise of dressing up like a naughty schoolgirl, and remain in the outfit during sex, the skirt hoisted up, and the shirt unbuttoned. There’s no shortage of positions explored, and the women are exposed from every angle. It’s easy to jump from one scene to the next, and there’s always a money shot.

Most of the girls allow rear entry, and in a special turn of events it’s almost always while she’s on her back with her legs spread wide, and not the usual doggy style approach. Not only is this more intense for a woman to take, but it gives better visual access to her tits and pussy lips. If anal is part of the interaction it’s listed with the girl’s info when you’re choosing who to play with, along with other prevalent themes. These include Teen, Feet, Breast Cup size, Toys and more, and whether it is an interactive “adventure” or “just porn.”

The virtual date and foreplay aspects make POV House much more exciting than regular porn. The girls are hot with nice bodies, the video quality is excellent, and there are member ratings and comments at the website.

Download POV House here

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