Sep 052012

The next free sex game from AGR, called Secret Sex Mansion, will feature multiple paths and a mysterious story plus lots of explicit sexual interaction. A basic system of conversational skill checks will create a unique experience for each player and a different game experience upon replaying. This is the largest game I have created yet and I am unsure how large the flash file will end up being. The graphics are culled from 3DSexvilla 2 with their permission of course. Don’t expect the world, this isn’t Skyrim, but a free choose your own adventure style game that conveys the story, action, and choices through images and videos.

Released here!

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  1. hi
    after playing your other games i do look forward to try this one, i nearly cant’t wait 🙂


  2. Wow,this seems to be an Awesome game! skill checks are a great feature!!!

  3. hey, i love playing your games, but i really enjoy the ones where you use real women instead of virtual characters

  4. Any update on release date??? Hope it’s soon!

  5. How long is “a week or two”?????

    • Sorry the release has been delayed. I actually finished the game but something isn’t working right and I’m waiting for a fix. There isn’t a ETA on the release but it will probably be a while.

      However I am nearing completion on a different game, to released in the mean time. This one uses a real girl and will work out of the box. I’m pretty sure you guys are going to really like it.

      It’s called Exposing Sexy Amber and release will be soon.

  6. news?

  7. Any new on whats going on with this game it’s been about 3 months

  8. Its been really long. Nothing like your old games. Thanks.

  9. how long before the next free game comes out?

  10. The game is using stuff from 3D SexVilla: 3D Sex Games – Interactive Virtual Sex Simulations

    The seconds picture background is actually from the Living Room of the 3d Sexvilla!

    I have played the Villa game many times in the past.

    • Yes they gave me full permission to do so! I created the game with their ads enabled.

      You can play it here with flash enabled (old release)

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