Apr 142013

Explore the rooms and women within this amazing place. Learn how to push their limits and uncover many secrets. Replay with different stat combinations and discover alternate paths. From AGR Games.

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  38 Responses to “Secret Sex Mansion”

  1. Do I need 3DSexVilla 2 to play the game or do you just use it to creat the game?

    • You do NOT need that game to play this game 🙂 Yes I just used it to create the game (with their permission of course)

      • Hey! 3D SexVilla 2 doesn’t work. I downloaded it, but how do I play it? I can’t access it. I’m using a mac, if that helps.

  2. It feels… incomplete. Like the stats don’t change much at all. Also, very short. I like the idea of the system though, and i can see it becoming a great game.

  3. Whenever I try to play any of your games in any browser other than Internet Explorer, the text and images are all off centered and it’s impossible to read and sometimes make selections. I’ve even tried to use the stand alone flash player and the same thing happens.

    I really don’t like to use Internet Explorer, and would much prefer to use Firefox or even Chrome. Why can’t your games work properly in them?

  4. How big is this game in terms of filesize? Some of us have download limits and we need to keep track of this stuff.

    It would be good if you had the downloaded Mb and the total Mb on the loading screen, also on the videos which have to load in.

    I can’t tell if I’m loading a small game slowly, or a large game quickly at the moment.

  5. What’s the maximum amount of points that you can get in this game?

    • I got 105. How can I continue on with Veronica?

      • Not sure if that’s possible at all. I think I’ve tried pretty much every skill combination possible with the only effect being you can ask more/different questions, based on what you found out earlier in the game.

        If someone finds a way to get more out of the end than asking your questions I’d appreciate a hint.

  6. Why are there no HTML versions of the games? I can’t play them on my phone. Other than that, keep up the good work.

    • Tried that. The HTML version doesn’t work with all the variables in this game, slows down to unplayable. A game like Mina was kept simple, and considerably less variables to keep track of.

      • ah. Understandable. What about a game like Exposing Sexy Amber where there aren’t as many variables?

        • A game like that is more possible for sure as HTML, and maybe with the server upgrade in place it may not be an issue but I’m really done with finding out the hard way….

          I’m guessing that your phone doesn’t support Flash – my Android doesn’t – and for games like these, HTML5 isn’t an option. Unfortunately, that’s the direction being forced on non computer users.

  7. when is part two coming

  8. Very lame !!!! The graphics are good but no challenge whatsoever !!!

    Don´t think I´ll be coming back to play this one again !!!

  9. Great game ! Not too difficult, and good plot.
    Hope to see a V2 soon 🙂

  10. It doesn’t show on my browser. I’m using Firefox and Windows XP.

  11. nice game as always muze

  12. needs work on loading speed.

    • Takes me about 25 to 30 seconds to load. You probably weren’t here when it took 10 minutes or longer before the server upgrade went through.

  13. i was very excited first and disappointed then. Not a bad game, but i played Larissa and Simone before, so i know you can do better, for those two are clearly the best.

    Here i missed a lot of that humour, the options, and live i was used to have before.

    As mentioned above it might be not finished yet. The new models lost appeal, it has a veeery long downloadtime and i have to start aaaall over again if i missed.

    If not intented, there are some onewaystreets, all according Alex; at the pool i can chose nothing but let’s go swim, and after whipping her i only found one option to continue to the questions; at least two make the game stop after her saying: ask your questions

    Veronica i could at least get naked, but whatever i tried she always runs out of time, so this is maybe it. Hint would be charism, as asked above, but won’t bring you any further i’m afraid.

    And Muze, what is the creator i understood: you still are the best in my opinion for those two dategames before and i can’t wait for another one of that style

  14. hope i have fun

  15. nice game

  16. This is one of the coolest flash games i have played.

    I hope the second chapter is coming soon.

    Is there anyway to get to the fetish room with the first girl?.

  17. Damn, I finally got Veronica naked and she still wouldn’t do anything!

    Still, good game with some replay value to it. Thanks for making it.

  18. not a bad game.

  19. Is the next one still in the works?

  20. Sexy girls! Game was a little easy but can’t wait for the continuation!

  21. When are you going to make the next part or the rest of the game

  22. If you need any help to translate your games on Greek languange email me and i will help you for free if you want.

  23. Gran juego

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