Dec 012012

Sex Babe Prototype Here is another AGR Games release, with a focus on graphics and interaction over story. If you have been following my games, you will see a completely different style. Enjoy.

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  1. I don’t make a habit of posting on sites like these but I just gotta say something. I been waiting for so long and checking everyday for you to update it with the new game. I am genuinely happy. Haven’t played the game yet but I’m sure it’ll be great.

    Just wanted to give you some props because I’m assuming that someone in your position doesn’t get much props for his work.

  2. does it go further then the replay of boob play ? seems to be stuck there :O(

  3. Great game but plz no music would be a lot better =)
    Can’t wait to see the next one, keep it that way 😉

  4. Boring!

  5. tbh, seems worrying, reminds me too much of pusooy and Shark Lagoon (both games that, although very pretty, mostly involve lots of very very very fiddily “find the sweet spot” mechanics n don’t have much in the way of choice or variety ) I forsee a future of either spending 20 minutes trying to figure out where to click now or 2 hours of very slowly moving the mouse up and down n worrying that I’m not actually doing anything (which so far is exactly what I saw in the demo) also every time I tried to rub her leg, my mouse constently fell out of the box. I really like the games you make, so try not to go the same way as those sites, or even most major game makers (remove the “super duper realistic graphics” from any new game and compare it to a good much older game and see which one wins then)

    • WELL SAID!!

    • I agree completely. The type of games that come from this site are a welcome breath of air from the annoying click repeatedly or click-and-hold games that other sites put out. The ones from this site are well worth the wait, and this system seems like it would lower the game quality coming from here to something you can get anywhere…

  6. Hey Muze I am a big fan of your games and have enjoyed all of them up until this one. I’m not sure if you are open to criticism but as a fan of your games I hope you read this :)! I see you are trying to venture into a more virtual and interactive game but as the guy above said, it is very familiar to pusoy an sharks lagoons games and honestly, I much prefer your other games which have a ton of reply value and great erotic scenes. Having just a girl to click and play with without any goal or storyline can be a bit tedious at times. I think your other games are great as they are with just pictures of models/ or sim characters and that is perfect the way it is. Just take your time and stick to your original style because that’s what us fans love! anyways, looking forward to your next game! hopefully you read this! we all appreciate your hard work and effort!

  7. Thanks for all the feedback. This game is the result of learning some new game making tools. I will continue to build upon this style, as well as flesh it out and improve it in various ways. It is after all, just a prototype. 😉 But the main intention for this one is to be just a sex game, and a diversion, not to be an erotic story with replay value.

    But not to worry, I am also planning to release more games like my other style, as time permits.

    In short: don’t take it so seriously! just have fun with it, or, please, stop playing it if it annoys you 🙂

  8. Usually I don’t post in english, cause i’m not so good in it. (then, i’m sorry for my english)
    But usually i really like your’s games. Nothing to say, just thanks a lot. But now I’m really sorry to tell you, not this time. I don’t like this kind of game at all, because i think that it is really too much linear and if there is no way to lose, my opinion is that there is no fun. So, if you just want to use this prototype at the multiple ends of yours usual games, i have nothing to say, nothing else than that you are great. But if you want to do the same thing of sharklagoon i tell you that I will not probably play those games (I don’t even play sharklagoon’s games in my lenguage). So, thanks a lot for all your work and please do what you like, I’ll just wait for the others.

  9. i like your games… those with real babes are the best
    mina, whitney, amber, the best man…keep working that kind of games .tey are much better

  10. What can is do with the legs?

  11. Thanks for developing all your games. I have enjoyed all of them, and they have all made me think. I am fairly new to the site (just found it) and I like your games and will definitely be back to visit frequently.

    As far as this demo is concerned:
    I like the graphics, very realistic flesh and movement – really good job there.
    I got stuck at the boobs – couldn’t tell if I was going too fast or too slow (progress bar would help here) so I did get bored and quit (sorry).

    As far as other sites go:
    Puso/Pusooy has beautiful models. However, it takes too dang long for him/them to develop new games and sometimes you need to move your mouse way too much to get past some sections. I believe the prototype above surpasses their texture and graphic quality, but they do have beautiful models.

    I also enjoy shark’s games. Your games seem similar (multiple endings depending on choices made), however they use more graphic choices and yours are verbal choices. There is plenty of room out there for everyone. The more games you can develop, the more people will return.

    I’d avoid games like those found on Games of Desire – usually crappy demos with directions written in chinese characters or poor english. (I hate to badmouth, but the postings on their site seem to agree.) The only reason I go there is when I have finished everybody else’s games.

    Anyway, thanks again for developing your games. Keep up the good work.

  12. this game is fucking sexy and i wish to do it on real life

  13. Okay, I’m confused. It goes into instant replay mode, and then a close up of her left tit, then it’s hard to manipulate the hand. It flickers out, then it won’t work. I don’t get what’s up. Is it Google chrome, or what?

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