Oct 162009

Do you want to check out some of these games but you’re on a personal budget? Or maybe you just want to get more value for your dollar. Well this new section is just for you. Future editions will feature games from other developers, but this month we have these three groups to showcase:


Virtual Hottie 2 just dropped in price, by $10. That’s a great deal for a quality sex simulation that features several locations and many positions and options, including threesomes.

Get it here for $19.95 (originally $29.95) | Screenshots | Review



Also from the developer of Virtual Hottie 2 is ZoomTang, which uses much of the same technology and is all up in your face. There isn’t a better deal on this page because this one is free to download! This includes blow job, titty fucking, and vaginal sex. If you would like the add-ons, they cost just $9.95, also a $10 savings. The add-ons give you anal, fingering, breast sizing, cumshot, and more options.

Screenshots | Download for free here | Purchase add-ons $9.95 (was $19.95)




Ensign Games

If you’ve never checked out Dreamstripper, you can get the entire collection which saves you a nice chunk of change over buying each one individually. This is a great value for a series of games that features easily the most realistic looking and animated women. There are stripping simulations, a strip blackjack game, and great screensaver options. This collection includes:

* DreamStripper Perfection

* DreamStripper Cabaret

* DreamStripper BlackJack Deluxe

* DreamStripper The Game

* DreamStripper Pro

Price is just $39 for all five!

Get DreamStripper here | Screenshots

Watch a girl get her features fine tuned in this video:

Sex Game Devil

Get Nemo’s Whores (Review | Screenshots) along with two other dirty little games all bundled together for another great value. Nemo’s Whores is a virtual sex game where your character can participate in various positions with bouncy breasted babes in an underwater location. It’s kind of like BioShock without the violence and with lots of sex and you’re the Big Daddy. Okay it’s really nothing like BioShock but it’s still a little creepy. In a good way. Threesomes are a nice addition.




In Anal Masters you slowly unlock naughty hentai images by playing arcade games.





In Sex Warrior 3D it looks you run around and kill weird monsters to rescue naked girls who are serving jail time. (For indecent exposure?)

This deal is a great value because Nemo’s Whores is a full featured title already and for just a few bucks more you can have two more erotic diversions.

Get all three games here for $34.55

Stay tuned for the next edition of AGR’s special deals…

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