Aug 142010

From Ripened Peach Entertainment comes a new 3D virtual sex experience aptly titled ‘Sex Sim.’ It’s completely free to download and play, which gets you basic sex and nudity, but if you want more variety, you’ll have to acquire add ons. Using the popular points system, users can purchase points to apply to various ways to enhance and expand the gameplay. These range from new girls to messy blow jobs. The girl on girl and sex variety pack add a lot to the erotic scenarios, the latter adding all types of realistic touching to the existing sexual positions. For instance, you may have your partner grab the girl’s boob while fucking. Or have the girl in the scene rub her clit while getting plowed by a cock or a strap-on. Needless to say the current crop of add ons will round out your pervy requirements quite handsomely, and even better, it would seem that there are many more on the way. Sex Sim features excellent animations and the most realistic naked bodies I’ve yet seen outside of the real thing. Blow jobs and licking are especially well done. Very erotic.

Download here! | Screenshot gallery here.

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  1. I posted this on the later review, but I suppose it is just as pertinent here, where you have a few screen shots.

    This is a relatively young program developed by a very small team, who are very attentive & commited.
    Sure, it doesn’t have lots of bells & whistles yet, but you only have to download the basic free version to see the quality of it.

    There is another update imminent which should improve functionality substantially.
    As to the costs for buying all the add-ons…If you are a regular visitor you would see there are daily discounts which give substantial savings.

    I have no vested interest in the program, but it is so nicely done, I want to see it suceed, so I encourage all readers to visit, download the free version and wander around the virtual shop & the community forum to get a feel for what it is all about.

    Cap’n. :0)

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