Dec 152010

Are you still playing sex games with your mouse? That’s so last week. It’s time to free your free hand! Thrixxx, the developer of 3DSexVilla and various other niche sex games, has figured out how to use the Kinect to control virtual sex on screen, as the proceeding video will demonstrate. It was originally posted to YouTube, where it was removed because YouTube sucks. Now the uncensored video is here.

The Kinect was created by Microsoft for the XBox 360 to compete with the motion controlled features of the Nintendo Wii. But it also has Windows 7 drivers which is what makes this all possible. Thrixxx admitted that they did not receive permission from Microsoft to use the Kinect this way, and sure enough Microsoft responded saying they don’t condone this usage of their motion sensing device.

News websites and blogs flooded the net with reports on how this adult game company (Thrixxx) would not be able to release their game on the XBox, but they completely missed several points, not the least of which is that Thrixxx games have been available on PC for almost a decade, and that they were using Windows 7 PCs with the Kinect, and that they weren’t even TRYING to release their games on the XBox platform.

Slashdong was following the Kinect with much interest, and actually predicted to the day when controlling virtual sex with the Kinect would become a reality.

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