Sep 152010

screenshot galleryThis unique multiplayer game which started as an experiment has proven to be a durable online adult role-playing game with many members. There is a hardcore approach to the game world, both sexually, and in terms of game mechanics. Players are mostly left to their own devices to settle in game disputes, all of which can lead to situations in court or prison, which are also managed by actual players. While there is certainly the possibility of combat — with other players or monsters — Sociolotron focuses on social interaction, much more so than other MMOs, adult or otherwise. Here you can communicate with other players and try your hand at getting some action.

screenshot galleryAnd this means you can explore your particular brand of fantasy, which may encompass the highly developed BDSM system of slavery and ownership, or whatever floats your boat. There are also full systems for housing, government, justice, economy, magic, and all forms of cyber sex. It’s not for everyone, especially if you’re expecting cutting edge graphics. There are lasting consequences to your actions and death is permanent (although you can opt out of player killing). But this brings a sense of realism — in spite of it being a fantasy world — and might be exactly what you’re looking for. No other online game provides sex and combat at its core simultaneously without modifications.

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  1. Best flat game everyone looking to play a sociol game should try this one out . This game is remeniscent of the times when the now bloated games where at their peak. before they got all bugged up. ie such as wow has guards that send people out of the city into the wild when what u where looking for is right across the street. olo 🙂 \ and nevermind cough everquest 2 battlefields that wont let you score unless the other dude likes u.

  2. I<3sex

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