Sep 082012

Grand Master K has released yet another iteration of Strip Indian (links to the previous version for PC), this time for Android devices. I have a Droid 2, which is somehow now outdated even though it can cook me breakfast, but I also tried the game on my Google Nexus 7 tablet and the game works flawlessly on both. There are different screen resolutions selectable in the game’s main menu, but unfortunately I still had to use the smallest dimensions so that it didn’t get cut off at the screen edges, even on my seven inch tablet. My man says he is working on a solution. Most android phones will display the game perfectly in high resolution, as does the Kindle Fire. The game itself is one card poker, you can see her card, and she can see yours, but not vice versa. Betting strategy is based around that. Features ten models and yes there is nudity. The mobile screenshots are from the Droid 2 for now.

Get the game here

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  1. Good game

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