Aug 122010

It’s hard to believe I’ve been running this site for ten years now. A lot has changed since 2000, not just with AGR, but with the state of erotic video games. Over the last decade, static strip poker games gave way to highly customizable sex simulators. Now becoming a reality is the freedom to explore game worlds where explicit sex is a major feature (and not a hidden and instantly forgettable minigame). The girls who populated early interactive porn have matured into realistic 3D virtual females, hell, virtual girlfriends, who have everything sexual to offer in the most willing and compliant ways possible. Well… almost. There are still many envelopes to push.

Free games have always been a draw, and the first decade of the new millennium saw downloadable little indie games and low budget demos get replaced by quick and instantly gratifying online flash games. There’s no shortage of ‘adult games’ sites loaded with shovelware for the masses of one handed surfers looking for something interactive. Sites that simply didn’t even exist half way into the lifespan of AGR. And while a handful have something innovative to offer, most are just carbon copies of each other. When I first opened up the site those seemingly many years ago, I had a section for free games which quickly became the most popular area for people to visit, but instantly playable games weren’t viable at the time. Now that they are, I post what I think are decent flash games, along with good old fashioned downloads. But it’s not enough.

Which is why I created my own online sex game last year. As I am no graphic designer; I used the resources available to me to make it work, and most of you horny fuckers seem to like it (from comments found on other sites and forums where the game is featured). And it’s hopefully the beginning of something that will continue to evolve into bigger and better things. In fact, I am creating a new virtual date game right now, with new characters and more involved choice and consequence. It’s going to be a little better than the first one. Or perhaps a lot better. Or maybe a total step in the wrong fucking direction. I’ll let you decide. It’s release will celebrate ten years of Adult Game Reviews, a decade where I have spent part of my triple life as an adult game specialist.

If you’re really bored, you can see how the site has evolved visually at the WayBack Machine

Look for the new original free game A Date with Simone, to appear here on AGR later. It’s HERE .

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