Feb 242009

UPlay IStrip

Excellent collection of strip challenge games with sexy women from all over the world. You can play poker, belote, Strip 4, or soduko with up to four opponents at once. Expect some multilingual video introductions. Playing strip poker against two exotic bitches from the former Eastern Bloc and a French-speaking black seductress has an appeal all its own. Choose your own combination of girls available to you, and new ones are released regularly. Read more below.

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As you play, little video clips alternate among the girls showing them being impatiently seductive, pulling at their outfits and touching themselves, or making gestures to call, fold, or bet. When they drop below a certain cash amount you get to see video of them peeling off part of their outfit filmed from a few different angles. If they’ve lost everything, they keep playing for the chance to win back some modesty, and meanwhile their idle time is spent masturbating for you. They aren’t all playing against you either, everyone is playing against each other, so when you fold, you sit back and watch them battle it out and often someone loses her shirt.

The soduko game isn’t as exciting, but if you like soduko and want to be distracted by a cute girl walking in and out of the room and crawling around under the puzzle, then you might enjoy it. And you better really like it because she only takes off one piece of clothing for each puzzle solved. There’s also Strip Connect 4 and Sexy Belote, which is the strip version of the somewhat obscure but interesting card game Belote. Here you have a partner, who thankfully keeps his clothes on, and play against a pair of ladies who strip independently when they lose, depending on which girl you point the finger to.

The extra games are nice additions, but the strength of this one is the strip poker, with multiple opponents and a real sense of everyone playing each other. Downloadable strip poker games seem a rarity these days, and I highly recommend this one.

Get UPlay-IStrip here! | Screenshots

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