Feb 102009

Velvet Express

After you choose your likeness from three different dudes, you wander naked through a perpetually moving train. You’ve gained entrance to a 1930’s era secret society of horndogs. Each train car seats a handful of various characters of both sexes who sit submissively, adorned with various fetish wear mostly consisting of face masks and leather. Sometimes a couple can be found engaging in some prurient activity. But these are all just wallpaper, adding to the colorful atmosphere, but unfortunately not to be interacted with. The girls who are available for interaction will stand and present themselves as you approach. Enter the nearby room and cue the boom chicka bow wow bam chicka seventies porn music. Aw yeah baby. Actually, that couldn’t be further from the truth. Cue the classical piano, light some candles, and get settled for a night of sexual ecstacy. Velvet Express takes a decidedly different approach to virtual erotica, and it’s refreshing.

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The amount of sexual and oral positions is almost overwhelming; simply click one from a revolving menu and you’re off to the races. The animations begin immediately, leaving you to move the camera around with your mouse or from predefined angles; or even record movie clips. Sometimes the animations look so stunningly real against the flickering light of the fireplace, other times you notice the simple models that may be shy a few polygons. If you want some more direct control, holding CTRL makes your guy fuck harder, and tapping it in various intervals affords some control over the speed of the action.

The BDSM theme is prevalent, but mostly in looks, as eluded to before. There are four rooms to play in, and two offer some distinct interactions. One has a freaky contraption spouting several mechanical arms from the ceiling. Certain positions get your girl’s limbs hooked in to the grabby hand clips of the mechanical arms and bound to take what you’re giving her. Another room has a blow up doll. I’ll just leave it at that.

One of the rooms has the unfortunate inclusion of a face mask wielding male with his limbs spread out against some type of medieval torture device. While he’s not being actually tortured, other than being forced to watch all manner of sexual debauchery play out in front of him with no chance of participation, he’s in the scene moving about and distracting me. Put a girl in his place, and you have a whole different story. Thankfully the camera can be pointed towards the action with the girl as if he’s not there. But I know he still is. Watching me. Creep.

Overall a very unique approach to virtual sex that offers interesting possibilities to those who want them. Although limiting in some areas (no customization of the characters for example), this is good at what it sets out to do as a classy portrayal of a shadowy BDSM society in an original setting.


Get Velvet Express here

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  1. You can control the sex, by using force and speed on the physics engine. Use the CTRL button on your Keyboard for this. The characters will start using presure and Rhythm under your control.

    [blockquote]The sex goes on without your control[/blockquote]

  2. ok thanks for the comment, I see that tapping CTRL, not just holding it, allows for some more direct control over the action. I updated the review.

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